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if their erupting that doesn't happen much though.

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Why are volcanoes deadly from miles away?


What are the Deadly Explosions from the Volcanoes called?

There called Treeruptions.

What are the possible effects of a volcano eruption?

many volcanoes erupts differrent some volcanoes are deadly but others may be not

What was the least deadly volcano?

There are many volcanoes that have not killed anyone and are not likely to ever erupt again. Many active volcanoes are under the ocean and unlikely to cause anyone harm. Therefore there are many volcanoes that are pretty much tied for being the least deadly.

Are volcanoes deadly and why?

They are only deadly when they erupt because lava bursts out and it can cook you up because it's so hot.

How deadly are volcanoes?

Very dangerus. stay away from volcanic islands.

Why are earthquakes and volcanoes a problem?

They are deadly disasters killing many people

How do volcanoes change the envirement?

It can cause death's, it can kill crops, and homes. Volcanoes cause a type of smog and fill the air with deadly smoke, and ash

Why are volcanoes so deadly?

the lava kills people, ash causes breathing problems - they can kill you

What is a good simile for Doritos?

Doritos are like volcanoes but less deadly and taste much better!

Why are volcanoes in the ring of fire more deadly than others?

In the ring of fire, there are more active plates and they move a lot and makes the volcanoes erupt violently and often. - Tyler <3 Hope this helps.

What comes out of volcanoes?

hot lava and molten rocks larva, volcanic debris, deadly smoke and molten rock stuf like that

What are some type of volcanoes?

Volcanoes come in many types, such as scoria volcanoes (mafic, small, not very explosive),shield volcanoes (large, mafic, mild eruptions of large volumes of lava), composite volcanoes (large, traditional cone shape, most deadly), lava domes (felsic, explosive, usually found with other volcanoes), fissures ( lava erups through fractures, mafic), and canderas (steep-walled depression, very large).

What are three things that are in common with volcanoes and tornadoes?

Tornadoes and volcanoes have little in common, but a few common traits between them includeBoth are potentially deadly and destructive and are generally dangerous to go near, though dormant and extinct volcanoes pose much less of a threat.When active both volcanoes and tornadoes can release very large amounts of energy.Both volcanoes and tornadoes are difficult to predict and cannot be stopped.

How are volcanoes and tornadoes alike?

Both a tornado and a volcanic eruption are potentially deadly and destructive natural disasters that release large amounts of energy.

Why are snow covered volcanoes particulary dangerous?

When a snow-capped volcano erupts the heat produced can melt the snow. This can then mix with ash and form deadly mudflows called lahars. Deadly lahars can occur even with small eruptions.

What volcanoes are cinder cone volcanoes?

Cinder cones are usually not that deadly because they usually don't cause any loss of life. They are the smallest type of volcanoes, of all the volcanoes that there are(Composite Volcano, Shield Volcano, and Cinder Cone Volcano). Some dangers of the Cinder Cone volcano are listed below: 1.)Lava sprays out deadly 2.)The hot magma erupts 3.)Lava spills out,sometimes causing deaths 4.)The volcano rumbles 5.)The lava splashes everywhere 6.)Ash and molten rock burst out of the volcano

What are the hazards of volcanoes?

The hazards of volcanoes are,well it burns everything in it's path(expect for Earth's crust.) It can kill people and animals. Its very deadly and can blow off at any moment. There's even volcanoes in Alaska(were it's really COLD!!) While it's erupting it throws boulders(big rock) in the air.=]

Which type of eruptions appears more hazardous to humans?

In volcanoes, the type of eruption generally does not vary in the same volcano. It is generally the type of volcano that determines it's deadliness. The deadliest volcanoes have been strato-volcanoes, which can spew lava, cause landslide, make huge smoke plumes, and emit deadly gasses. Mt. Vesuvius, Mt. Krakatoa, and Mt. St. Helens were all strato-volcanoes.

How are volcanoes harmful to humans?

volcanoes give off a deadly gas in a mushroom cloud that quickly spreads,suffocating everyone in it's path.

Are shield volcanoes and volcanoes the same?

Not necessarily. Shield volcanoes are volcanoes, but not all volcanoes are shield volcanoes.

What are the 4 different types of volcanoes?

Cinder volcanoes, composite volcanoes, frision volcanoes, and cinder cone volcanoes.

What are three types of volcanoes?

Three types of volcanoes are Cinder Cone Volcanoes, Shield Volcanoes and Composite Volcanoes.

What are many ways how volcanoes are constructive?

this is constructive in may ways. like it can make new soil. makes new land. it is destructive because they are very dangerous and deadly. and the pollute the air.

Do you know any active Volcanoes?

There are over 3,000 volcanoes active in the world today.Types Of Volcanoes:Composite Volcanoes.Shield Volcanoes.Cinder Volcanoes.Spatter Cones.Complex Volcanoes.Mud Volcanoes.Strato volcanoes.Cryptodomes Volcanoes.Supervolcanoes.Submarine Volcanoes.Subglacial volcanoes.Lava domes Volcanoes.Fissure vents (not really a volcano only a vent inside a volcano where the magma/lava appear's out.

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