Are we living in common era?

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Q: Are we living in common era?
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Which was the most common place for women to die back in the colonial era?

in the living room

How do you use common era in a sentence?

Common Era or CE is just the modern form of AD. In our everyday usage we don't need to use the CE as we are living in the common era, not BCE, or Before Common Era. The connotations CE and BCE are generally used by historians and school teachers to clarify dates. A sentence using CE could be "The Colosseum was dedicated in 80 Common Era (or 80 CE)."

What era are you living in now?

Cenozoic Era.

What came first 10 before the common era or 25 before the common era?

25 before the common era.

Why didn't Aristotle know he was living before the common Era?

Aristotle was cleaver but not psychic! He didn't know because he couldn't know that that's what we'd call the era after him.

What era are we living in now?

The era of awsmoness... and monkeys

Did Christianity begin before the common era?

If by "Common Era" you are referring to the era name system, then Christianity coincided with the beginning of the Common Era. In fact, the Common Era is also known as the "Christian Era" or "Current Era". The year 1 CE is the year in which a 6th century monk estimated that Jesus had been born when he created the Common Era calendar.

What era are you living in?


What era you living in?


What is the era we are living in?

We are living in the Cenozoic Era which began more than 60 million years ago.

What era was the first living mammal on Earth?

The Mesozoic Era.

During which era did mammals become common on earth?

The era that mammals became common would be the Cenozoic era.

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