Are white tigers endangered?

No, they are not actually a species. They are a freak of nature.

Because of the genetic health issues they face, many scientists are of the notion that the existing ones should be sterilized, and no more should be bred unless they occur naturally.

At present there are no white Bengal tigers in the wild. This animal is only a genetic mutation of the Bengal tiger, and can occur in a normal colored litter at any time. The ones in captivity were bred for their beauty, and are very dangerously inbred. This leads to birth defects and major health problems. The thinking among scientists today, is to not breed any more of these animals, and let nature take its course. If any more are born in the wild, they should be afforded the protection of all Bengals, but should never be bred in captivity again, simply for man's pleasure.

No, this is due to the fact that the white tiger is not a real species of tiger, and is for the most part man made. They very rarely occur in the wild and die before adulthood when found in the wild because of lack of camouflage. The ones that're endangered are tigers themselves.