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its only in your opinion. Dwarf hamsters are pretty cool but i personaly like winter white hamsters

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โˆ™ 2012-02-29 02:41:32
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Q: Are winter white hamsters better than dwarf hamsters?
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When do winter white dwarf hamsters turn white?

during winter

Can a dwarf hamster be white when its not winter?

Yes, many dwarf hamsters are white even if it isn't winter - and it isn't just Russian Winter White Dwarf Hamster that may turn white in the winter. Some hamsters just are white.

Can you get white hamsters?

Yes you can. If you are interested they are called Winter White Russian Dwarf hamsters.

What kind of hamsters are there?

There are Syrian Hamsters (the most common type), Dwarf Russian Campbells Hamsters, Dwarf Russian Winter White Hamsters, Dwarf Roborovski Hamsters, and Dwarf Chinese Hamsters.

Can winter white hamsters fit inside the habitrail ovo dwarf hamster habitat?

Why not, white winter hamsters are the same size possibly smaller than a dwarf hamster.

What is the NICEST dwarf hamster breed?

Winter white hamsters are a species of dwarf hamsters. They are very rare, but beautiful hamsters. They turn a white in the winter and darker in summer. Not many pet shops sell winter whites, as they are uncommon.

Do dwarf hamsters change color?

No, but Winter Whites do. Hence the name;they are white in winter.

What hamster breads are there?

Golden Hamsters Chinese Hamster Roborovski Hamsters Dwarf Winter White Russian Hamsters The Dwarf Campbell's Russian Hamster

What kinds of hamsters are there?

Syrians, Dwarf Campbell Russians, Dwarf Winter White Russians, Roboroviski Dwarfs,

How many types of hamsters exists?

Syrian Hamsters - Winter White Hamsters - Chinese Hamsters - Campbells Dwarf Hamsters - Roborovski Hamsters So, 5.

What country or state does Dwarf Hamsters com from?

Although, winter white Russian hamsters are often referred to as a dwarf hamsters, so, it's logic to say that the of these kind of hamsters are originlly from Russia.

How many babies do winter white dwarf hamsters have?

They can have from 6 to 8 babies on average.

Do female dwarf hamsters turn white in winter?

No its very very rare that they turn White. i mean if they Are White then they are white

What country do dwarf hamsters come from?

Depends, Chinese hamsters (winter white) come from china, robo's probably from russia

What other types of hamsters are there besides the Syrian?

There are dwarf hamsters their are Chinese dwarf hamster ( this hamster isn't classified as a dwarf they are just small hamsters) The winter white hamster Campbell dwarf hamster Roborovski dwarf hamster And they are different names and they all have different colors but syrian hamsters have more colors than dwarf hamsters

How do you know what breed hamsters are?

Syrian hamsters are the largest by far. Chinese hamsters have a proportionally longer tail than any other hamster species. Campbell's Russian Dwarf hamsters, and Winter White hamsters are easily distinguished from the other breeds, but harder to distinguish between the two. Winter Whites turn white in winter as they shed their darker fur, and the paler fur grows thicker. However the two species can interbreed, and your dwarf hamster may be a hybrid. Roborovski's Dwarf Hamsters are significantly smaller than other dwarf hamsters.

Can a female Russian Dwarf Hamster mate with a male winter white dwarf hamster?

There are two kinds of Russian Hamsters: Winter White and Campbells. They may be able to breed with each other.

How much do white winter hamsters cost at petco?

i dont think petco specifies what kind of hamsters they have. the lables on the cages just say dwarf hamsters.

How many types of dwarves hamsters?

There are 4 types of Dwarf Hamsters, that are kept as pets. The most common is the Campbells Dwarf and the next is The Roborovski Dwarf. The next is the Winter white and the least most common is The Chinese .

Can dwarf hamsters be black and white?

Yes. My dwarf hamster is black and white.

Can a female Robo Dwarf Hamster mate with a male winter white dwarf hamster?

No, they cannot because all hamsters have to be the same breed to mate.

What are the different types of Hamsters?

you can get dwarf hamsters (eg winter white Russians, Campbell's, Chinese etc) and syrian/golden hamsters which are much bigger. the smallest type are roboroski's.

How can you tell the difference between a winter white and a Russian Campbell dwarf hamster?

The winter dwarf hamster and the Russian dwarf have a slight of a different color, and in the winter the winter white dwarf turns white. The winter white has a brownish color to it, but a Russian dwarf is a grayish white color.

What type of different hamsters are there?

Syrian Hamsters are the most popular. Russian Dwarf Hamsters are sometimes categorized into two: Russian Campbells Dwarf and Russian Winter White Dwarfs. There's also Chinese Dwarf Hamsters that have long, mouse-like tails. Lastly, the smallest of them all, the Roborovski Dwarf Hamster (AKA Robo Dwarfs).

Is there such a hamster called a long haired dwarf hamster?

All Dwarf hamster are short-haired. The Russian Dwarf, Winter White, Chinese Dwarf, Roborovski's dwarf, etc. The long-haired hamsters are Syrians.