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Are witchcraft and sorcery accepted as having scientific basis?


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January 23, 2009 9:06PM

Our science still can not accept that God is ruler of this world. They think that humans' ancestors were apes so this my answer. (Actually they believe humans and apes are descended from a common ancestor, they're more like distant cousins than they are great great grandparents) While science does not recognize witchcraft and/or sorcery as having scientific basis science itself has it roots in what was once labeled witchcraft and/or sorcery. Midwives evolving into obstetrics, witches brews in to pharmacology or sorcerers studying the heavens to astronomy just to name a few. ALSO: Some branches of science study and document what you might call witchcraft and sorcery (primarily in isolated non-technological tribal cultures). They have found evidence they cannot explain but science has yet to explain or prove even an infintessimal fraction of causal relationships in our known universe. Science is the "objective" study of what we percieve to be reality, it is therefore limited in its study of practices in which the mechanism of causality takes place on a level of reality we cannot see, touch, smell, hear... ALSO: There are some scientific theories about how magick (this is Wiccan spelling) is performed. Many people have a true gift to effect physical events by the power if their mind. This is commonly known as telekinesis. Scientific studies are numerous, attempting to discover how these people are able to harness this power. The majority of witnesses to such psychic phenomenon report feeling the air temperature decrease significantly. It is thought that the person makes use of heat molecules in the air by condensing them, and then using that energy to move objects. Instances of poltergeists are sometimes thought to be the working of this power. It is not widely accepted in the scientific community, however, that these incredible abilities are indeed fact due to the difficulty in monitoring by conventional scientific means and equipment. According to quantum physics and quantum mechanics, all matter is nothing more than trapped energy. Therefore, it stands to reason that if thought takes energy, then by thinking or "knowing" that certain changes can be or have been made, it is possible to make those changes. And that, underneath all the ceremony, is the basis of magick. The mind is the key. The tools are just playthings for your subconscious.