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Are witches allergic to grass?


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July 07, 2009 5:06PM

... Despite the reverts; The correct answer is Witches are really nothing more than people; and people can be allergic to any variety of things. Some people are allergic to tomatoes; others are allergic to watermelons. Some people who are allergic to grass (such as myslef, e.g.) might follow a Witchraft tradition. But not all Witches are allergic to grass; some may not have any allergies at all. and just for the record, there are also Christians (and others in other faith traditions) who are allergic to grass. Grass allergy is actually one of the most common allergies, that has a longspread history. Grass allergy normally occurs all throughout the spring season and during the onset or ending of the summer season. Grass allergy can also take the form of an inhalant kind of allergy similar to asthma. Grass allergy is caused by an allergen that invokes discomforting reaction upon body contact. The most usual allergen or substance that causes or triggers grass allergy is pollen. This is a specific type of pollen, that the grass plants produce themselves. Often times, other pollens coexist on the grass leaf; therefore if one is allergic to another form of pollen that is stirred up from resting on the grass leaf; it is still often times classified as Grass allergy. Common symptoms of grass allergy are: headaches and/or migraines, nausiness, rashes, general itchiness, sneezing, and less frequently, fever.