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No, worms are not vertebrates. They are invertebrates. All bugs are!

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Q: Are worms vertebrates
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Are flat worms vertebrates?

No, flat worms are not vertebrates.

Are round worms invertebrates or vertebrates?

Invertebrates.No, flat worms are not vertebrates.

Are worms vertebrates reptiles or snakes?


Are worms vertebrates of invertebrates?

worms are invertebrates since thry have no backbone

What animal has on back bone?

Animals called vertebrates have backbones. Invertebrates do not. We are vertebrates and worms are invertebrates.

Are annelida vertebrates?

No, Annelida means segmented worms.

Is a worm vertebrates or invertebrates?

All worms are invertebrates.

Is a worm a vertebrates invertebrates?

All worms are invertebrates.

What do vertebrates and invertebrates lack?

Vertebrates (like humans) have a backbone. Invertebrates (like worms) lack a backbone.

Is a glowworm a vertebrate?

No, glow worms are not vertebrates.Specifically, glow worms belong to the insect class. That means that they have skeletons that are external to their bodies. Vertebrates such as humans have skeletons that are inside their bodies.

Why aren't worms vertebrates?

Well they are decomposers, which break down the dead bodies of mammals, so they are actually decomposers. Worms are not vertebrates because they don't have a spine or spinal chord.

Are segmented worms invertebrates or vertebrates?

Worms do not have backbones so they are all invertebrates no matter what sort of worm they are.

Are worms and insects both vertebrates?

yes. but insects have a exoskeleton.

Are tube worms vertebrates?

no, they are invertebrate because thy do not have a backbone

Are spongeswormsand snails vertebrates or invertebrates?

sponges,worms,and snails are invertebrates.

Do skin on worms make good epithelial surfaces?

Skin is technical term used for Vertebrates only , worms possess integument which is epithelial and different in different worms .

Why is the man a vertebrate?

A vertebrate is any animal that has a spine. Humans have spines, so we are vertebrates. Animals that are not vertebrates (they are invertebrates) include snails, worms and jellyfish.

Does Reptile have backbone?

Yes, reptiles have most of the same organs as you and I, and are vertebrates, they are not like worms.

Does a eath worm have a spine?

No, worms are boneless and limbless creatures. Only the vertebrates have a spine.

Are worms vertebrate insects?

No; they aren't neither vertebrates or insects.

What class of vertebrates is able to regenerate lost body parts?

Some lizards can grow back a lost tail. Some worms can grow back most of itself, although worms do not seem to me to be vertebrates. Starfish also grow back missing arms.

What are non vertebrates?

there are six groups ofinvertebrates. There are the insects, arachnids and crustaceans. There are also mollusks, worms, and sponges.

Are fish invertabrate?

No, fish are vertebrates because they have a backbone. Invertebrates are animals without backbones such as worms and insects.

Is a muskox an invertebrate?

All mammals are vertebrates. Invertebrates are things like worms and slugs and insects and jellyfish.

Is a whale an invertebrate or vertebrate?

Whales are vertebrates, like all mammals. All whales are vertebrates. Fin whales, being mammals, are vertebrates. Vertebrates Vertebrates They are vertebrates, meaning they have a spine or a "backbone." An easy way to remember this is that all warmblooded creatures are vertebrates. Their bodies have structure due to the bones in their body as opposed to relying on an exoskeleton (external skeleton) like insects or being blob-like (think octopus, slugs, worms).

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