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Are you able to convert a 1981 Volkswagen truck from a manual to an automatic?

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βˆ™ 2008-06-22 16:06:52

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Yes you can . just need to have a donor vehicle that all needed parts can be taken off of . The donor doesn't have to be another Volkswagen pickup, either. Those little trucks are half Rabbit, and the half that's Rabbit is where all the parts you're going to be concerned about in this swap live. So if you buy a rear-ended Rabbit or Jetta, the parts will fit your pickup.

2008-06-22 16:06:52
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Can you convert a 1994 dodge ram 3500 4x4 from an automatic to a manual trans?

You could, but it would be easier and cheaper to buy a manual truck.

Can you convert automatic transmission to manual transmission in gmc truck?

You cannot convert an automatic transmission to a manual one, but you can replace the automatic with a manual. It is a big job and if you do not do it your self would probably cost a lot more than selling the automatic truck and buying a manual truck. The manual will require different shift linkage, adding clutch pedal and parts to actuate the clutch, and you may need a drive shaft of different length. It is also common for automatics and manuals to use different rear axle ratios, and even the Electrinic Control Module and some wiring may need to be changed. Maybe that automatic is not so bad after all.

What kind of fluid do you use in a 1986 Ford truck transmission?

automatic or manual? automatic, use mercron manual, use gear lube

Where does transmission fluid go in 1966 cheve truck?

automatic or manual ?

What automatic transmission in 1992 dodge diesel truck?

A518 is the transmission if it is an automatic, and if it is a manual then it is a Getrag 360.

Can the manual transmission on a 1979 Ford truck be changed to an automatic transmission?


Will the radiator from a 1994 Chevy 4.3 liter manual truck fit in a 1998 Chevy 5.0 liter automatic truck?


Can you convert a 1990 Chevy truck 5 speed to an atuomatic transmission?

Yes you can convert to auto. It is almost always easier to swap from manual to auto then the otherway around. That being said however even if you do all the work yourself it might be cheaper to find another truck that old with an automatic.

What are the torques for a 1992 Mazda B2200 2.2 automatic?

Get a manual on your truck from DISCOUNTAUTOREPAIRMANUALS.COM They are about $9

Can you change on a Chevy silverado 2006 manual transmission to automatic?

Depends on the model of the truck

Is a manual truck better to race than an automatic?

Its really based on the Driver's Preference!!!

Is it legal to replace automatic slack adjusters with manual slack adjusters?

Where I live if the truck was manufactured with automatic slack adjusters you can NOT replace them with manual ones. Check with your local DOT you never know.

Are trash truck automatics?

Depends on what type. Collectors/compactors almost always are automatic. Roll-off container trucks can be either automatic or manual.

Why will my 1988 Toyota truck 2WD change gears while not running but won't when running?

Is it a manual or automatic?

Will a1999 truck tranmision fit in a 2004 Chevy truck?

It should. They both had the same manual and automatic options for those years - NV3500 (manual) and 4L60E (auto) for the S10, Blazer, Trailblazer, and 1500; NV4500 (manual) and 4L80E (automatic) for the 2500 and 3500. Note that swapping out a 4L80E in place of a 4L60E is NOT a simple "plug and play" swap.

How can you swap a automatic transmission for a manual in a Chevy silverado?

Yes you can if you have all the parts to make it work from another truck.

Can a s10 truck trans go in a silverado truck?

The S10 was available with the NV3500 manual or the 4L60E automatic... those are compatible with the Silverado 1500 trucks (except for the 454SS).

94 Toyota truck transmission work in a 86 Toyota truck?

A manual can; an automatic will not, as the 94 transmission will be electronically controlled, whereas the 86 would be mechanically controlled.

1998 Chevy truck transmission?

For the S10 and 1500, the manual was the NV3500 and the automatic was the 4L60E. For the 2500 and 3500, the manual was the NV4500 and the auto was the 4L80E. For their medium- and heavy duty trucks, manual transmissions from Eaton Fuller and Rockwell were available, while automatic transmissions from Allison were available.

Does a 2005 Toyota pick up truck have a transmission dipstick?

If the vehicle has an automatic transmission, it will have a dipstick. Manual transmissions do not have a dipstick.

Towing capacity of a 1991 Nissan 2WD 4-cylinder Truck?

3500# for a Manual trans. and 2000@ for an automatic

What does it cost to change a 1949 Chevy truck with a manual transmission to an automatic How much will labor cost ect?

It can cost between $500 and $2000 to change a manual transmission to an automatic transmission. The labor costs will depend on the specific shop charges.

What transmission is in my 83 Chevy truck?

You did not say if it is manual or automatic. In the glove box is a decal that tells everything on your truck. You can call the dealership and he can decode it for you. The decal is referred to as a build sheet.

What size battery fits a 1997 Ford F150 Truck?

The owners manual shows Motorcraft BXT - 59 - for manual transmission and BXT - 65 - 750 for automatic transmission

How do you put a truck in reverse?

Manual- push stick to the far right and down. Automatic- pull lever down one click