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No. You cannot get married or emancipated in Iowa at 14/15.


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i have no idea, but i think you can if you get legally emancipated from your parents

The 16 year old is considered emancipated. As long as they are legally married, the parents no longer have control.

you would still need your foster parents consent

I'm 16 and emancipated. I'm married. But here's the catch you DO need parents consent.

No. You are only emancipated regarding your health when pregnant.

If you are emancipated, you can get married. You can get married under the age of 18 with parental consent in most states. Also, in most states you are considered emancipated if you are married. ill agree with that and add (in new york at least) in order to get married u need parental consent from both parents and you need to be 16

If you are legally emancipated you can. Entering into marriage means entering into a legally binding contract. At 16 you cannot legally enter into a binding contract. So no, you can't LEGALLY get married.

Legal consent for what? You are emancipated and decide for yourself.

Ages at which you can legally get married vary from country to country. In Great Britain you can get married at 16 with your parents consent and at 18 whether they consent or not.

If they are doing the marriage legally, nothing (unless you were required to give consent, in which case you shouldn't have given the consent if you didn't wnat them getting married).

the state is not going to give your baby back if you are wanted by authorities. Getting married doesnt make warrents go away. And you cannot be legally married unless you are 18 or legally emancipated, and even then you cannot get married to someone unless they are under 18 and legally emancipated. or you can get married in a place in Scotland from the age of 15, without consent from parents. but it may not get youre baby back.

Only if your legally emancipated from your parents which i don't think would be approved for a 14 year old.. maybe there would be a better possibility at 16, and at 16 you could get married and automatically be emancipated..but you need parental consent. you could get married at 15 but you would have to go to court and be pregnant.

You cannot get married without her consent. You'll have to wait until you are 18. If you got married, you would be emancipated.

If you are not emancipated you need your parents' permission to move out or to get married.

The 16yo is. When she got married she became emancipated. Her parents are no longer responsible for her.

Most parents will consent to marriage if their daughter is pregnant. If this is not the case however you will have to wait until you have you baby. When you have your baby you are automatically emancipated and are considered an adult and then you can get married without consent. You are only medicly emancipated, your parents still have legal control over that. You would have to get a judge to overturn your parents desision which is hard to do.

If you are married, they had to consent to it. A marriage means they are considered emancipated.

A 17-year-old can get married in California if they are legally emancipated from their parents, or their parents sign a legal document. Once married, they can no longer rely on their parents for support.

Yes, with parental consent or when married (also needs parental consent) and therefor emancipated.

pretty much get married but you still have to have your parents consent for that. once you get married you're automatically emancipated. otherwise you have to have a real good reason to get emancipated like your parents beating you and crazy stuff and also being able to support yourself financially.

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