Are you able to move out at age 17 in Michigan without parental permission and without emancipating yourself?

No, in the eyes of the law, you must be at least 18. If the parents choose to file a report of an absentee minor or "runaway" the juvenile authorities must intervene. The results of that can be many things, from being returned to the parental custody to being placed in a state facility or group home. One of the reasons for not allowing an underaged individual to arbirarily leave is, generally parents are legally and financially responsible for their children until they reach the state's age of majority. Which means a minor could drop out of school, hang out with the gang, perhaps get into "trouble", and the parents would could be held responsible even though they tried to prevent the situation. This is one reason parents should report juveniles who leave the home against parental wishes to the authorities. It is not uncommon for minor's parents to end up on the wrong end of a civil suit and find themselves in serious legal and financial difficulies. On the other side, many teens are mature enough to support themselves and conduct their own affairs responsibly, which is why some states have "early" emancipation laws.