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Are you able to put a turbo in a 1993 Eagle Talon ESI Non-Turbo if so what do you need?

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From the members at Good luck.

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Q: Are you able to put a turbo in a 1993 Eagle Talon ESI Non-Turbo if so what do you need?
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Where is the starter LOCATED on non-turbo 1993 Eagle Talon DL?

on the tranny

Can you put a 1993 Eagle Talon TSI turbo in a 1993 Eagle Talon ES?

yes you can, its super easy, make sure you get the ecu though and injectors, new exhaust, etc etc.

What kind of turbo is in the 1993 eagle talon TSI fwd 5 speed manual?

The turbo is a 14b if its a manual transmission

How do you remove an alternator in a 1993 Eagle Talon Turbo?

take off serpentine belt and unbolt alternator

What are 1993 eagle talon exhaust manifold bolt torque specs?

they and 65 to 72 foot lbs. at leased that is what it was on my 92 talon 2.0 non turbo

Where is the starter located on a 1993 nonturbo 16V DOHC 2L Eagle Talon?

Possibly under the Engine itself in the back next to the firewall. You may have to take out the Battery and Battery Tray.

Can you turbo a 1993 ESi naturally aspirated eagle talon if so what turbo is recommended?

so you dint have to change the turbo again you should probably get a Mitsubishi 16g big or small turbo

What type of fluid is used for the clutch on a 1993 Eagle Talon turbo 5 spd standard transmission?

DOT 3 brake fluid

Is there a fuel pump reset button on a 1993 eagle talon?


Where is the fuel pump reset button on a 1993 eagle talon?

There is none.

What is the price of a 1993 eagle talon?

Deppending on the condition of the car around 800

Where is the voltage regulator at on your 1993 eagle talon?

On the 1993 Eagle Talon 1.8 liter 4-cylinder, the voltage regulator is bolted in the alternator housing. Open the hood and look on in the front engine area on the passenger side.

How hard would it be to turbo charge a 1993 eagle talon es?

i wouldn't bother just get a turbo 4g63. the compression is higher on the non turbo 4g63. and the turbo 4g63 has oil squiters to cool the pistion and cylinders. you will spend as much money putting a turbo on your car as the difference would be selling your car and buying a 1g tsi awd

What engines by year or vehicle will fit into a 1993 Eagle Talon?

ny 4g63 motor out of eclipse another talon or a Mitsubishi l200 truck

If you put a full 3 inch exhaust on a 1993 eagle talon es would you loose power?

yes and it would sound terrible. i wouldn't go any larger than 2 1/4" on a non turbo eclipse....It is different on a turbo car because scavanging on a turbo car is not as effective as it is on non turbo.

Why wont your 1993 eagle talon stay running without your foot on the gas?

Try cleaning your injectors.

What is the stock size of 1993 eagle talon speakers?

i think 6 3/4 for rear panel

How much does it cost to replace an alternator drive belt on 1993 eagle talon?

dancing la la land

Can you turbo a 1993 eagle summit 1.8 litter?

The easiest way to do this would be to pull the 1.8 and drop in a 2.0 turbo from a 1st gen DSM (Talon, Eclipse or Laser). It should fit just fine, and the motor mounts should be the same. Be sure to get the wiring harness and ECU from the donor car!

Do you have pictures of the different warning lights on the dash of a 1993 Eagle Talon Es?

Pictures and diagrams cannot be displayed on wikianswers

Where is the ignition module located at on a 1993 eagle talon?

it's on the drivers side under the dash next to the fuse panel

How do you replace a timing belt for 1993 eagle talon?

Get the Haynes manual for the vehicle. It goes step by step. Used it for mine.

Where is the alternator located in a 1993 Eagle Talon?

Raise the hood and look for the drive belt. The drive belt powers the alternator.

Where do you put the manual transmission fluid in a 1993 eagle talon?

On the lower front side of the transaxle housing. There is a threaded plug.

How do you take a starter off of a 1993 eagle talon?

disconnect the 3 wires going to the starter and unbolt the starter! very easy