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Are you calling someone a liar when you say they are lying?


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If you say someone is lying it is the same as calling them a liar. If you say they are mistaken then you are saying that they are misinformed.


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The difference is mainly in implication. If you say someone is lying, you are saying he is lying right now; if you call someone a liar, you are implying that he lies all the time.It's a pretty subtle distinction, and someone could certainly be offended in either case, especially if they weren'tlying.

The direct translation if "liar" in Swedish is: (en) lögnare, pl. =.If you use it as an exclamation ("Liar!") you would often say "Du ljuger!" ("You're lying!").

To lie is "mentir" in French. You are lying is "tu mens" and a liar is "un menteur / une menteuse".

It clearly states in the ten commandments not to lie. However if a person is a liar and you have a just reason - you should call his bluff - and then a trial would probably be held but that's a completely different story.

lying, especially impulsive lying, is a hard habit to break, but it's one htat needs to be broken. being known as a lier will lower people's trust levels of you IMMENSIVELY. people can change, so i wouldn't say ALWAYS. but i would say that if someone is known as a lier watch yourself and what you say. build uup trust very slowly and use common sense.

You start calling him twice the frequency and do no say anything You start calling him twice the frequency and do no say anything

There are two possibilities: one is that she is lying to try to break you up or just to be mean, or she is telling the truth and he is lying. Regardless, I think it is safe to say she is not someone you should trust automatically, as she must be either a cheater or a liar.

You know if someone is lying because they do a nerves thing and they would say it in a voice they don't normally speak

Treat everything they say as potentially untrue.

A name calling propaganda is when you say something negative about someone else. For example, calling someone "cruel", "inhuman", "monstrous", etc.

To recognize a liar u have to pay close attention to there responses and expressions...if the person takes too long to answer a question,there lying...if they look in other areas while talking to you,there lying...if theres a moment of silence, there most likely thinking of a lie to say...

Answer to know if someone is lying ask them what they told you a half hour ago and if they say something totally diffrent cause they dont remember what they told you the first time they are lying

simply and politely say stop calling me and tell the reason why.

just say i am sorry for what ever you did

You say: You are a lier. Get the !@#$ away from me! And stay away from me!

Sure, if it somehow works to their advantage. They'll say whatever you want them to say...they just won't mean it.

He is lying in both circumstances: If he is lying by saying that, "everything I say to you is a lie," then that means he can in fact tell the truth, but is not telling the truth in that statement, thus meaning he is lying to you. If he is telling the truth, then the statement "everything I say to you is a lie," would also be rendered a lie because he was telling the truth, not lying. Like mentioned, this man is a liar either way.

On halloween When hiding to scare someone Calling someone you care for, like "babe"

To tell if someone is lying you have to look at three things; the words they say, their body language and mannerisms, and micro expressions. Generally, a liar won't use contractions (where they shorten words like don't and can't) and they will repeat the question in their answer, for example, have you ever stolen anything? a simple no would be a more trustworthy than, I have never stolen anything. A liar will always take a defensive stance whilst someone telling the truth will go on the offensive when you say you don't belive them. A liar will attempt to place items between themselves and the person asking the questions, this can include turning away or crossing their arms in front of their chest. If you want to learn about micro expressions then i suggest looking into Paul Ekman's books like Unmasking the face.

It's possible, but because you have separated it means you weren't happy in this relationship so you expect honesty and a lot more while a compulsive liar can't help what they say, but know they are wrong about lying and are either in denial or refuse counseling for their problem. As far as you are concerned it's safe to say that you aren't a compulsive liar and it's best to move on and find someone that is better suited for you. Good luck

If someone were to call someone an oink oink, I would say they were calling them a pig. Obviously.

If you want someone to believe you when you say that you love them, but you've been a liar all of your life, you'll have to prove it. This is a song by Astaire & Powell.

Well it's not as easy as just saying someone is lying. If you feel that your partner is cheating on you and they decline it then you should trust them. If you can't trust them with this then you're probably not meant to be together and will face greater trust issues later on in life. So I'd say either just them or leave them.

"I would have said that it was nice to meet you but I'm not a liar."

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