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Not big, but overweight. Idealy, you should weight somewhere between 120 and 130. i'm 5'3" and weigh 119lbs and my waist is 27 inches. but if u are 151 then you might want to drop some pounds. About 25 or so. but it's not that hard to drop 25 pounds; you just have to work towards it!!!!

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Q: Are you considered big if you are 5'4'' and weigh 151 pounds and your waist measurement is 29 inches?
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A women with a waist measurement of 30 inches and a BMI of 21 is considered?


How fat was henry vii?

His last set of armour showed a waist measurement of waist of about 58 to 60 inches indicating a weight of about 300 to 320 pounds.

What is the measurement of Beyonce waist?

24 inches

What is are the waist measurement units?

centimeters or inches

What is Hayden Panettiere's waist measurement in inches?

She is 25inches :))

Waist measurement for a size 4?

27 inches

What is the average measurement of a woman's waist?

23 inches

Henry VIII waist?

His waist measurement in his late years was 54 inches, or 137 cm.

What is the measurement for a UK size 16 in inches?

Bust = 40 inchesWaist =31 inchesHips = 41 inches

What is the average waist measurement for a seventeen year old male?

The average waist measurement for a seventeen year old male is 32 inches. Female teenagers average slightly smaller at around 30 inches.

What is an ideal waist measurement for women?

about 22-30 inches I should say.

What is the average waist measurement for a 14 year old or a healthy waist measurement?

28 to 30โ€.

What is the required waist length for modeling?

It is not the waist length that is important but the measurement of the waist's circumference. In modeling it is ideally 24 inches or smaller, but no larger than 25 inches.

How wide is the waist measurement on a size 18 dress?

The waist measurement of a size eighteen dress is ninety-three centimeters or 36.5 inches. The bust size of a size 18 dress is 109 centimeters or forty-three inches.

What are the measurement for a petite model?

32-22-32 (bust, waist, hips in inches)

How do you reduce 3 inches from waist measurement?

Losing weight would be the easiest way.

How many inches around the waist should a 5 foot 4 girl be?

You should be about 27 or 26 inches around your waist. You should also weigh about 110 pounds and be able to lift about 10 pounds.

What is the average waist measurement in inches for a 12 year old?

My waist size is 28 inches. I think that is about average. Usually girls of our age are 26-32. I weigh 122 lbs. xThe healthy waist measurements for a 12 year-old are between 18 inches and 24 inches.

What is Beyonce measurement?

She is 5'6 126 pounds bra size 32c waist is a 26 hips a 42

What is the waist measurement for women's size 0 American Eagle jeans?

The waist measurement for women's size 0 American Eagle jeans is 24.5 inches. This is based off the international size chart on the American Eagle website.

How much did Henry VIII weigh?

His weight is unknown but measurements have been taken from his suits of armour and they show that towards the beginning of his reign his waist measurement was a trim 32 inches but when he was 54 years old his waist measurement matched his age!!

What are the measurements for a size 4 women's dress?

The measurements for a US size 4 women's dress are 34.5 inches for the bust and 27 inches for the waist. The hip measurement is 37 inches.

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Katrina Kaifâ??s waist size is twenty five inches to go along with a hip size of 37 inches and bust size of 34 inches. Her height is five foot eight and a half inches and she weighs 127 pounds.

What should be the waist measurement of a 5' 11-year-old girl?

There's no such thing an average waist size. Everyone is different. Here are some examples:I'm almost 12. I am 5' 3" and my waist is 28 1/2 inches.I'm almost 14 and I'm 106 lbs. My waist is 28 inches.

What is the meaning of size 34W X 34L of Levi Strauss and Co jeans?

That's the waist and the inside leg measurement in inches.