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Only if you consider yourself gay. I think there are plenty of more open-minded people who would not see you as gay, although narrow-minded people wouldn't be able to understand it at all and might consider you gay. But that doesn't really matter; like I said, you make the decision of whether you consider yourself gay, not anyone else.

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Why people like to lick male feet?

Licking Feet is an Fetish (aka paraphilia) which can happen to anyone. Generally, an Fetish can happen to any Gender (lesbian foot licker, gay foot licker, bi-sexual Foot licker etc.). To lick Male feet also is Bi-Sexual Foot fetish or Gay foot fetish. Well, there also women where lick mens feet, it´s also an symbol for respect and domination. Google Foot fetishism.

If you are a male and have male foot fetishism are you considered gay?

Yes Yes and No. The majority of males who have *male* foot fetishism are gay, but a minority are not. Those who are not gay are those who are not sexually turned on (sexually aroused) by the sight of the completely nude male. In other words, a male can have male foot fetish without being sexually aroused by the sight of a completely nude male and in those cases, the male foot fetishist is not considered gay. not at all. very common problem. i myself am the same way, yet i feel no sexual attraction to men. no it doesn't mean you're weird either, whatever floats your boat, right?

Is foot fetish more likely in gay men?

There's no connection between foot fetishes and homosexuality. But openly gay men might be more willing to admit we have a fetish than straight guys.

What is wrong with you are a male teenager that like to wear a bra and you know am no gay I like woman and fanatise about them?

You have a fetish called crossdressing and it has nothing to do with being gay. This is a common fetish of straight men.

Are you gay if you like feet?

No, that just means that you have a foot fetish. Many straight people have foot fetishes, they are actually really common. I happen to be gay and HATE feet.

Is it gay to lick a male foot if you're also a male?


How do you get rid of gay fat fetish?

You must watch 24/7 fat gay fetish! Until you get bored! Try it out!

Why does your gay friend get aroused by frogs?

He has a fetish.

You let your friend lick your feet and worship them is he gay?

Your friend has a foot fetish. If he's only into men's feet, he's gay. If they have to be women's feet, he's straight. If anyone's feet will do, well ...

If l like to smell women's feet does it mean im gay?

Apples and oranges. No, you may have what is known as a 'foot fetish' I think you will find that being 'Gay' is more than just attitudes about sexual behavior.

Is it gay to like male feet if you are also a male?

no. it is not gay to love another man's feet, it's a very common fetish. it just really means that they get aroused by feet. really no big deal about it. I've got a girlfriend for two years now, and i like guy feet.

Is a man making sperm by himself considered gay?

It occurs naturally within the male body. But if you mean masterbation, then no it does not make you gay.

When a man wears women underwear is he gay?

Not necessarily, he could be a transvestite or have a fetish.

What does gay male mean?

gay male means you, as a male, are attracted to other males.

What are the typeds of gay meanings?

Gay is: gay sexualy, male to male contact gay is alos an ilsand and then gay can mean Happy

Why do guys have gay foot fetishes?

Most guys do not have gay foot fetishes.

I want to lick my best friend's feet we are both guys what should I do?

Hm. Chances of you both having a gay foot fetish are not high. I would say first find out if he is gay. It he's not, then give up. If he's gay, then you might be able to lick his feet, among other things, again, if he wants to.

Do boys like tights?

No,not really. But if they are gay yeah. Wearing tights dosnt automatically make you gay, it just means you have a fetish

What is differences between male gay and female gay?

Male gay is a guy and a guy female gay is girl and girl

Are you considered gay for wanting to see guys in their underwear.?

Possibly -- or you may have an underwear fetish. If you are gay or bisexual, you will have sexual fantasies about other guys when you're masturbating. (If you're bisexual, you will have fantasies about guys and gals.) If you're gay or bisexual, don't worry about it. It's part of who you are, and it's a good part. Google "support for gay men" or "support for bisexual men" for some suggestions about your next step. If you have an underwear fetish, enjoy it, but don't let the undies get more important than the people wearing them!

Does the gay boy save poop to spank the monkey?

This is a fetish (coprophilia) for feces. There's nothing particularly "gay" about it -- straight men can be into it, too.

Are slugs gay?

Slugs are hermaphrodites- which means they have both male and female reproductive organs- so technically speaking slugs could be considered, gay, bi or curious....

How not to act gay?

You only act gay if you for example kiss with other male or have sexual activities with a male. If you do not do this, you are not acting gay.

Do gay guys cook?

Gay people do the same as a majority of straight people. Gay is a sexual attraction to a male and another male.

Are you gay if a guy fantasises about anal stimulation?

No. Just because a man has a sexual fantasy or fetish of that sort, it doesn't mean that he is necesarily gay. Many gay and straight men enjoy the stimulation.

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