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5 % veteran or 10% disabled.

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Q: Are you eligible for military preference points?
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Military spouse preference means what?

When you are applying for a job you can use your spouse preference. It is kind of like a Veteran's preference. It is just giving you a preference over someone who is non-military affiliated.

What is the oldest age eligible for military draft in the US?

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Are veterans eligible for FHA loans?

Veterans are eligible for FHA loans. Veterans must meet the military guidelines in order to be eligible for this type of loan. Information for veterans in this regard can be easily found on the Internet on a website called Military Rates.

Who is eligible for a VA loan?

Military, vets, those left behind by a dying soilder. Those who were discharged from the military in good standing. These are the people eligible for VA loans. All active & inactive military following World War II.

Who can apply for a Military Star Card?

Persons who are currently a member of any of the armed services are eligible to apply for a Military Star Card. Retirees are also eligible to apply. To begin the application, one will be required to have a military ID or a Common Access Card.

Who were declared eligible for burial in national cemeteries after World?

Military Veterans

Is a Puerto Rican who served in the US military eligible for VA benefits?


Are you eligible for a Geico discount because you are in the National Guard?

You may be eligible for a military and/or emergency deployment discount. Contact the insurance carrier to learn more.

Points on Military government is more suitable for Nigeria than Sivilian government?

Points on Military government is better than Civilian government

Is ruby better than php?

It is a matter of personal preference. Each one comes with its plus and minus points. You need to choose according to your requirements, skills and preference.

Is Donald Trump qualified for a military burial after attending a military academy but no military service to America?

Being that it's a private boarding school and not actually the U.S. Military, Trump is a civilian and NOT eligible for military honors and burial.

How do you get Lowe's lifetrack points?

You have to be an employee who is eligible for the Life Track benefit. If you're eligible, then all you need to do is take some surveys for varied point values.

Who is eligible for military standby flights?

can fiance's standby fly with a retired service member

What percent of native Americans who serve in the military stay in until eligible for retirement?


Who is eligible for a Military Star Credit Card?

Eligible applicants include United States military personnel on active duty, retired or reserve members, and Federal Department of Defense employees working on installations outside of the United States. Veterans with 100% disability and State Department officials working outside of the States are eligible as well.

Why the cost of preference share is less then the cost of equity?

preference shares are more costlier because:- 1. they get preference for repayment of capital 2.they get preference for payment of dividend 3.they are less risky 4. can get charge over fixed assets 5.they are also convertible ans can further be expanded using these points

How many promotion points do you receive in the army for 80 hours of military education?

10 points

Who is eligible for entrance to a military base and can make purchases at the commissary and PX?

Active duty military personnel and their dependents, and retired service members and their dependents.

What are the elegibility options for retired military housing?

You must have completed your service term in order to be eligible to recive retired military housing. It can be a great option.

Do you get a sign on bonus when you join the military?

There are sign on bonuses available, but not everyone is guaranteed to be eligible for one.

What does MP stand for?

Military - Military Police Gamers - Magic Points or Mana Points Politicians - Member of Parliament Techies - A digital audio encoding format or megapixels

Is a prisoner of war eligible for the Medal of Honor?

Anyone serving in US military is ELIGIBLE for the Medal of Honor. It depends on whether or not an act performed by them fits criteria established for the MOH.

Can you get disqualified to join the military if you married an illegal immigrant?

You will have no problems joining the Army. Do not sponsor your wife for a green card until you are in the military. She will be eligible for a parole in place.

What can militarism best be defined as?

Militarism denoted a rise in military expenditure, an increase in military and naval forces, more influence of the military men upon the policies of the civilian government, and a preference for force as a solution to problems.

What does the Secretary of Veterans Affairs do?

dispenses benefits and services to eligible veterans of U.S. military service and their dependents