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Are you having a boy or a girl if the fetus's heartbeat is 150?

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It is impossible to tell by rate of the heartbeat. Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is speaking old wives tales. The above answerer said that you can tell for sure by an ultrasound. You cannot. Sometimes the baby keeps its legs together or is at a difficult angle and you sonographer can't see, and sometimes it is just impossible to tell.

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You are 17 weeks and your babies heart beat is 160 beats a minute what does this mean?

means you are most likely having a girl. usually the higher the heartbeat its a girl 150-170=girl 130-150= boy

If your fetus heartbeat runs around 150 per minute does that mean that its a boy or girl?


Your baby has a heartbeat 150 is that more a boy or a girl and you are measuring bigger?

Neither heatbeat nor size is an indication of the sex of the baby.

What does it mean if babys heartbeat is 150 at 10 weeks?

very normal!

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How fast should a babies heartbeat be at 36 weeks?

Well depends on wat ur having mi daughter was at 160-170 which is good and both mi boys were 150-160 which is also good as long as it don't get below 130 ok

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Baby heart beat at 142 at 8 weeks is this a boy or girl?

I am pregnant with baby #3 and I have a 4 1/2 yr old daughter and 3 yr old son. With my daughter her heartrate never dropped below 155,with my son he never rose above 150. The general old wives tale is under 150 boy, over 150 girl. Baby #3 heartbeat is 143, and I'm almost certain its a boy with my mommy feeling! Good luck and remember its an old wives tale ( tho my kids followed it perfectly)!

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