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hello, i just has a mic\scarriage on nov. 8th 2006. most likely u have already had a one. with mine there was alot of pain ,bleeding, and bloodclots.

It is highly likely you are having a miscarriage. But it can be incomplete even though the pains reduce. Because there is then a risk of infection you need to seek medical help. I would also request an ultrasound as you will need a D. and C. procedure but just occasionally the baby may still be OK and would die because of the procedure. I always play it safe and request one anyway.

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Q: Are you having a miscarriage if you have dark brown bleeding and today passed a huge blood clot and before that you had really bad cramps but the cramps lessened after you passed the clot?
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Can you have a miscarriage if there is bleeding but no cramps or pain?


Is pain and cramps a signs of miscarriage?

No, if you are bleeding then yes.

Is bleeding a sign of miscarriage?

It can be a sign of a miscarriage or it can just be "normal" bleeding. If you are bleeding, you should see a doctor as soon as possible. With a miscarriage the bleeding is usually "chunky" and you have cramps, but not always. It could be a sign of miscarriage if its heavy bleeding like a period i had a miscarriage 2 months ago and mine started out with mild cramps then i started to sopt brown and then i was bleeding like a normal period and a few hours later the cramps got really bad talk to your doctor about this. Dont worry to much over it some women do spot when they are pregnant. Good Luck!

When you have a miscarriage do you suffer with cramps?

yes, cramps and some bleeding, also some light nausea in some women

Are bleeding cramps mucus signs of a miscarriage?

While bleeding by itself is not a sure sign of miscarriage, it is quite likely when combined with cramps that are similar to period pains or mild labor. An ultrasound is the best way to be absolutely sure, combined with a blood test.

Could a woman be pregnant if she expierences bleeding and severe cramps not like normal period cramps?

Yes she can be pregnant, and if she is pregnant and is bleeding she is at risk of a miscarriage, and should see a doctor immediately.

If you have a miscarriage what's the least amount of time of pregnancy before you would need to go to a doctor for him to clean you out?

I am sorry to hear of your loss. It is not really an amount of time, but how complete the miscarriage is. The earlier the miscarriage the more likely it is to be complete. If you lose what appears to be a complete sac and the bleeding and cramps are no worse than a period then you can deal with this at home. If bleeding and/or cramps are severe either go to the doctor or to the emergency department of a hospital.

How do you know you miscarriage a baby?

Bleeding heavily, your pee can go from a darker yellow to a lighter yellow, random cramps. The cramps can be identified as menstrual cramps but some sharp pains.

Do you always have pains and cramps when you miscarry or could you be having a miscarriage and not even know it other than bleeding?

You would USUALLY have cramps with bleeding. But it is not always the case. If you are bleeding heavily, consult a doctor straight away. They may be able to save the pregnancy.

What are the signs of a early miscarriage?

Everybody is diffrent my friend had clots and very heavy bleeding and cramping at about 11 weeks but the baby was fine and healthy on the other hand there is me i had clots bleeding and contraction like cramps and ive miscarriage

Can you have cramps for a while before you have implantation bleeding?


What is the color of blood after a miscarriage?

* The most common and clear symptom of a miscarriage is vaginal bleeding associated with or without pain. The blood color can range from brown to bright red and could be accompanied by cramps. Bleeding could be in the form of mild spotting, persistent bleeding, heavy bleeding and passage of large clots.

Are there multiple blood clots in a miscarriage?

Yes. Accomponied by heavy bleeding and menstrual like cramps. Go to an emergency room

At eight weeks I experienced mild cramps but heavy bleeding with clots.Did I have a miscarriage?

Only your doctor after doing an ultrasound can tell for sure.

What are the classic signs of a miscarriage?

well one I know of is extremely heavy bleeding (like a period) maybe cramps.

How you can be sure that you are miscarrying if you had a bleeding for 2-3 hours and then some brown discharge next week for 2-3 days . you also have cramps gas sore breast can u say u may be misc?

during a miscarriage u experience heavy bleeding, the blood must be red with clots, also u experience pain or cramps under your stomach feels like menstrual cramps, pain in ur back and waist. See ur doctor regargdless if u think its not a miscarriage u can never be sure, any bleeding u experience what so ever it may not be a miscarriage but bleeding is generally not good

If there had been light bleeding and then a horrible pain that hurt so much you couldn't stand and blood clots Does that mean you had a miscarriage?

No. If you feel the need, go to your local doctor and have them do a pelvic exam. Severe cramps with blood clots may indicate many things, including a miscarriage. The cramps could also just be cramps.

What are symptoms after a miscarriage?

When miscarriage cramps and such as stomach pain is a symptom of misscarige

Can you feel sharp pains cramping and bleeding while pregnant?

No, any cramps or bleeding while pregnant is abnormal and usually the sign of a miscarriage. If this occurs during a pregnancy go to the hospital straight away.

Is it possible for the cramps to become a lot less painful right after the miscarriage?

Once you have passed all of the "contents of pregnancy" the bleeding may subside and the cramps lessen. Everyone is different. Your body is going through a lot during a miscarriage and the cramping is the uterus contracting to empty, so as time goes on the cramps should lighten. Hello - It is possible yes. I am very sorry about your miscarriage. See your Doctor to make certain the Foetus has been expelled.

How long does cramping last when you are first pregnant?

Get used to it pregnancy is all around uncomfortable.. but if it hurts badly or you have bleeding with the cramps rush to the doctor it could be a miscarriage

Is it normal to have cramps after a miscarriage?

Cramps are contractions of the uterus. They can be a normal part of a spontanious or induced miscarriage. However, it is important to have follow up doctor care after a miscarriage to make sure all the tissue is expelled.

How do you know if you are having a miscarriage and not menstrual cramps?

Generally, the cramping of miscarriage is of greater severity than even menstrual cramps. They tend to come in waves, accompanied by an increase in blood loss. Also, what you lose may be more solid than is usual in a period. Bleeding and the cramping will increase over a period of time.

Can you have heavy cramps with implantation bleeding?

They shouldn't be heavy cramps

You are 5 weeks pregnant and you have terrible menstrual cramps and small amounts of bleeding Does this mean you are having a miscarriage?

You might have a tubal pregnacy, it is a miscarriage, but can be very dangerous and fatal if it ruptures the tube. Call your doctor immediately and have a sonagram done immediately.