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Are you healthy or underweight if you are almost 5'7'' and only 113 pounds?

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You are a little under-weight, but don't worry about it. I'm 5' 6" (over-weight by 20 lbs.) and should be 128 - 135. If you are fairly young (teens to 20s) then your body will generally regulate itself. Just eat well and your body will do the rest. It's better to be a little thinner (not skeletal) than too over-weight.

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You are 12 years old and you weigh only 75 pounds Is that under-weight?

Underweight yes. Healthy yes.

Im 80 pouds 5'2 and 12 year old girl?

You are underweight if you only weigh 80 pounds and are 5 feet 2 inches tall. The normal, healthy weight for this height is between 104 and 131 pounds.

What if your ten year old girl weighs 85 pounds can she be a good runner. is her weight all right?

Her weight is fine. I am friends with someone that is 5 feet six inches and only weigh 100 pounds. She is 13 years old and almost underweight. I also know a ten year old that is a very goo runner that is only 56 pounds, she is 4 feet, seven inches and is slightly underweight.

How do you lose weight when you are only 80 pounds?

You don't. No adult human should weigh 80 pounds. If you weigh 80 pounds you are underweight and need to gain weight.

Is it possible for a healthy guy to have 10 percent body fat and STILL be underweight because of a lack of muscle but NOT fat?

Yes! i know a guy who is underweight and yet he even has 10 percent bodyfat. He doesnt work out at all so yeah you can have a good healthy bodyfat and still be underweight from a lack of muscle not fat. I also know about a guy who is prettly fat and he is also underweight. I think you can have a good healthy body fat percentage and still be underweight from a lack of muscle not fat. You can be underweight from muslce even though you have a good body fat percentage. So yeah it's possible to be underweight from muscle ONLY...and at the same time maintaining a good fat percentage.

Should a five foot 11 inches tall twelve year old girl weigh 116 pounds?

If you are that tall and weigh only 116 then, you are techniqally considered "underweight". you may be very skinny or healthy. just eat right

Are you under weight if you r 88 pounds and your 12 years old and your height is 5'0?

I am 13 and 5ft 6inches and only weigh 65 pounds and i am underweight but not anorexic

Is 67 pounds over weight for an 11 year old?

67 Pounds for an 11 Year Old is slightly underweight. It may be only slightly unhealthy. It is NOT overweight!!

How much should i weigh if i am 5'3?

Im 115 :( I am 96 lbs but small bones and petite. I wear double 00 and sometimes they are loose. I have a hard time gaining weight. I know I am underweight. 115 is actually only a couple of pounds away from being underweight. Docs say I should be at least 110. So I am sure you look slender but healthy.

How do you weigh 39 pounds?

The only healthy way to weigh 39 pounds would be to be a kid.

You are 13 you are 108 pounds you want to be 86 pounds you exercise twice a day for 5 days each week for a half an hour how long will it take for you to be 86 pounds?

Exercise is only half of the equation. You also need to eat healthy. Eat three good meals a day, but make sure it is not sugary of fatty food. It is good that you want to be healthy, although I don't think 108 lbs is overweight by any means. 86 lbs is significantly underweight and unhealthy for a person of your age.

Is a 12 year old under weight if he is 5.1 height and only 91 pounds?

That's considered underweight for an adult that height, but the weight ranges are different for a person under 18. It can vary a lot depending on the individual. That's why it's best to ask a doctor if you're a healthy weight or not.

What happens if you eat healthy but don't exercise?

You will probably only shed a few pounds.

Is 141 pounds healthy for a 13yr old?

Most likely. I know a thirteen year old who's only 90 pounds.

Are you underweight or normal if you're 17 and 5'4 and only weigh 109.6?

The BMI for this is 18.7. Underweight is below 18.5 and normal weight is 18.5-24.9 You've just passed underweight.

Your 10 years old is it healthy for you to weight 38?

I'm pretty sure that you shouldn't weight 38 pounds especially when your 10. I'm 10 and i weigh around 70-85 pounds but I dance almost every day of the week. I don't know what you should do but I suggest you tell your parents if you only weigh 38 pounds.

Can there be someone who is 2000 pounds?

that is almost impossible only bigger animals can weight that much..

If you are 5 foot 6 and 160 pounds are you overweight?

Only slightly. The ideal weight for a person this tall is about 143 pounds, but a healthy, normal weight can range anywhere from 132 to 154 pounds.

How can a 10 year old lose 10 pounds in a week?

Eat healthy only 3 times a day only lite food

How much do you have to weigh when your 10?

It depends on your height. If you are average height for 10 years old, it ranges between 70-85 pounds. Personnaly, I am only 61 pounds. I am average height and I'm underweight. I never finish my plate and I say I'm full.

How can you lose 15 pounds in a week safely?

You cant. It is only healthy to lose a max. of 3-4lb a week.

You are eight to ten pounds over weight and only stands 5feet tall what do you do to loose it?

exercise and eat healthy

If you're 12 years old 5'1 and weigh 84 lbs do you have a high metabolism?

Sweetie, you have been blessed with a high metabolism. Stand tall and be proud! Having a high metabolism is a good thing. Don't think you are underweight at all, dear, unless your doctor said so. I work with kids, and I have a friend who's 14, 5' and weighs only 88 pounds! She is certainly not underweight and she's very healthy and strong, and as I said before, blessed with a high metabolism.

Is 150 pounds an unhealthy weight for a person who is 5'?

I think that that is a little unhealthy. I am 4'11" and I weigh 105 pounds and I took a test from my doctor and I am healthy. Since 5'0 is only 1 inch taller then I am and the weight is 150 pounds then that's a little over weight then what you would need to be to be healthy.

What is underweight?

Underweight is if you arent the healthy weight for the height and age you are. Underweight is when you weigh less then your suppose to. Suppose these ages are right for how much you should weigh: Ages : 6-9, Height : 3"0 - 4"9, Healthy Weight : Age 6 - 40 to 61lbs - Age 7 - 65-77lbs - Age 8 - 77-86 - Age 9 - 86-89lbs . Ages : 10-14, Height : 4"9 - 5"4, Healthy Weight : Age 10 - 89-97lbs - Age 11 - 97-107lbs - Age 12 - 100-116lbs - Age 13 - 106-124lbs - Age 14 - 110-130lbs. sorry if i didnt give you the thing you were looking for but i only heard of children who dont know what underweight is.