Are you in college when your 18?

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Most people in America either begin college when they are 18 or 19 depending on there birthday, though some choose to postpone there college education and start older then 18 or 19.
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Why would an 18-year-old college student develop new food allergies?

It's all about the diet, eat raw natural and organic! You wouldn't believe what you are eating in and on your foods, no matter how much you wash an apple it's still covered in what many say is the equivalent of raid. Try to eat what you are allergic to but try it organic or free range organic.

Can a non-custodial parent in Arkansas be made to help with college after age 18?

Answer . \nIt's a possible, in some instances the stipulation for payment for higher education is specified in an original support agreement. Also, the custodial parent can petition the court to modify the support order pertaining to that issue. Concerning any order modification, the judge will t ( Full Answer )

What are the rights of college students ages 16 to 18?

Answer . Rights come with responsibility. Some of your rights are: 1 the right to be educated. 2 the right to be treated equally and with respect by both staff member and peers. For more info on rights of students, please visit your school or school board website.

Does an 18 year old college student still have to answer to their parents?

Technically no, your 18 and legally an adult. But depending on what your answering for. If your parents are still your primary care giver, IE... tuition , insurance, car payments, spending money. Then there still might be some rules they might have for you , like how to spend their money. I guess ( Full Answer )

If you are 18 years old in college and single how do you get a boyfriend?

Well you have to say something like hi then compliment him but don't go in saying "I have to ask you a question" because that puts the boy under pressure don't have a friend ask him to date or don't call text or write a letter to him he will think your afraid to talk to him.

In the state of California can child support continue after 18 if child is in College?

No. Child support ends at the age of 18 in California. Once an individual turns 18, they have reached what is known as the age of majority, and are then considered adults. Regardless of whether the son/daughter is still a dependent of the former legal guardian, child support does not apply. The g ( Full Answer )

When does child support for your daughter end in Pennsylvania when she is 18 or when she graduates from high school or college?

At the age of 21-22, unless the judge says earlier than that, due to some changes of the system rules. But it really shouldn't matter, because our children are our children. They will always need our help now, and after their grown. Let's just assume that every school and college shuts down. Does th ( Full Answer )

Child is 18 but in college and works part-time do you still owe child support?

Even though you may not legally be bound to pay child support, your child does not stop being your child and you do not stop being their parent just because they turned 18 and you should continue to support them.. The Above answer was not the answer to this individuals question at all. You may stil ( Full Answer )

How many college credits is 18 hours?

One credit is equivalent to one hour. Thus, 18 credits is equivalent to 18 contact hours per week. . One credit is equivalent to one hour. Thus, 18 credits is equivalent to 18 contact hours per week. . One credit is equivalent to one hour. Thus, 18 credits is equivalent to 18 contact hours per w ( Full Answer )

You are 14 your bf is 18 and off to college what do you do for sex?

nothing, you wait for the right time,. and the right time is usually afta marriage or when you are ready to be a mother, hey sex was made for reproduction its only that we ve manipulated it into something else. i mean in our coutry an 18 year old and a 14 year having sex means trouble, years in jail ( Full Answer )

In Missouri do you have to pay child support after 18 if child goes to college?

When a child reaches age eighteen, if the child is enrolled in and attending a secondary school program of instruction, the parental support obligation shall continue, if the child continues to attend and progresses toward completion of said program, until the child completes such program or reaches ( Full Answer )

Can an 18 year old in college sue the custodial parent for child support?

In most places, once a child reaches the age of 18, the parents are no longer responsible for the child. If there is a child support order that has the non-custodial parent continuing to pay support through college years, then that money is available to be used toward that education and the support ( Full Answer )

Do you have to pay child support on a 18 year old living on their own but in college?

In California, child support usually ends when a child is 18 and has already graduated from high school. But if a child is 18 and is still in high school (full time student), the parent (the one paying) is still required to continue paying child support until the child turns 19 or finishes high scho ( Full Answer )

Can a non custodial parent in Arkansas be made to help with college after age 18?

If at any time the non-custodial parent agreed to do so and that agreement is a matter of court record, yes. If not, the obligation ends at 18 or 19 if the child is still in school. Section 9-12-312 of Arkansas's state code covers guidelines for the termination of child support. Support stops whe ( Full Answer )

What should i do about getting into college at 18?

In order to get into college at the age of 18 you will need tocomplete a FAFSA form and apply to colleges. You can get into anycommunity college without jumping through all of the applicationprocess hoops. Good luck.