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Are you in debt if you have a negative sign in your checking account?


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Yes, you are probably overdrawn in your bank account as well.

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Yes, but an adult must co-sign the checking account

Capital One has different checking account services, including one that you and your child can manage together. They also have a fee free account, Capital One 360• Checking. You can sign up for an account on their website as well as locate a local branch in your are where you can sign up for an account.

Yes if you have a guardian who is ready to sign for you to supervise the account usage.

Only if the account has her a a signatory. Otherwise it is forgery and illegal

First of all, there is a sign-up bonus of $50 when you create an Orange Checking account. Secondly, there are no fees associated with the account. And finally, there is no minimum balance required.

IT most likely means that your overdrawn on your account and its at a negative balance.

Yes, there are banks that allow you to sign up for a checking account online although the process may take a bit longer than just going into a branch.

Yes, Chase bank has a really great offer. You can get a linked savings and checking account with no monthly fees. They even have a sign on bonus. 1 year fees

Yes, although your legal guardians may have to sign some forms along with you.

{| |- | No, they cannot. Until the minor reaches adulthood which is 18 in Tennessee they cannot sign a contract with a bank. Someone must co-sign for the account and agree to be responsible. |}

{| |- | Not by themselves. Until the minor reaches adulthood they cannot sign a contract with a bank. Someone must co-sign for the account and agree to be responsible. |}

Between 13 and 17, most banks will allow you to open a checking account and give you a debit card if you sign up with your legal guardian for a joint account, though some will let you get your own account if you want. You have to ask them, and if they won't let you get what you want, try another. For credit cards, it's usually 18+.

Endorse, or sign, the check on the back. Put your account number on there and write For Deposit Only.

Wachovia Bank at one point had a $50 sign up bonus for a checking account. However, the offer for that bonus expired back in 2007. Currently, they have no such offers.

Having an online checking account is a great idea. All you have to do is go to the homepage website of the bank you currently do business with. You can sign up from there after you create your very own user name and password.

No. A checking account can be closed only by the individual who holds the account. He/she needs to visit the bank and sign the account closure form in order to close their bank account. No one else can do that. But, if the account holder has given the legal power of attorney to another individual, he can act as a proxy for the customer and close their bank account.

No. If the checking account is in your name then only your signature would suffice. Even in case of joint accounts, if only one of the account holders sign, the bank would treat that as a legitimate transaction and complete it.

I am sure most banks do have free checking accounts only if you sign up for a direct deposit or maintain the minimum account balance that is required.

No, a credit card is not needed to sign into Bank of America. One can have a checking account, a savings account, or other business with Bank of America without having a credit card.

It means it is a joint account and either party can sign a check. If the word "and" appears, the check requires the signatures of both parties.

To access your Wachovia checking account information, please go to and enter your user name and password. If you need assistance, the customer service department can assist you. Please call 1-800-922-4684

When I explain this it is like taking away a debt. If Dad takes away what I owe him for gas then I'm ahead. Also think of the negative sign as the words "the opposite of" and it will help you see the change of sign.

Does the negative sign come before or after the dollar sign?The negative sign comes before the dollar sign.

Typically no. A regular joint checking account just allows two people to have access. Either person can write checks, use a debit card, withdraw money, etc.

it is my understanding that the only people who can take money from your account without your permission are the IRS to pay back taxes. unless you sign somthing giving the bank permission to take money out of your checking account I don't think they can do it. make sure you read the fine print of any loan document so you know that you are not giving them the right to take money out of your checking account.

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