Are you jealous?

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If so why are you jealous let's say someone is making new friends and you feel left out all you need to do is talk to your friend.

For instance you are new and have no friends all you have to do is go to someone that looks nice and ask to play with them or hang out with them.

Let's say the "cool girl" has beautiful clothes you don't and she makes fun of you just say "ya know what you can be mean but don't think it makes people like you! Because it doesn't! It makes people dislike you so just stop ok!" Then walk way.

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What is the superlative of jealous?

The superlative of jealous is "most jealous."

How do you say jealous in German?

jealous = eifersüchtig jealous = neidisch

Is she jealous of you or are you jealous of her?

more than likely you are jealous than her.

What is the comparative form of the adjective jealous?

For the adjective jealous, the comparative forms are 'more jealous' and 'most jealous'.

What is the comparative of jealous?


Is it ok for your boyfriend to be jealous of you?

I would say no... but it depends how jealous he is? why is he jealous?

How do you say I'm jealous in spanish?

there are two possibilities: you're jealous now or you're not jealous now (Then you have a personality jealous) soy celoso (you have a personality jealous) estoy celoso (you're jealous now)

How do you pronounce jealous in Hebrew?

jealous: m'kaneh I'm jealous: ani m'kanehI'm so jealous: ani kol kach m'kaneh

What is the Hawaiian word for jealous?

jealous = lili

Is jealous an adverb?

No, the word "jealous" is not an adverb. It is an adjective.The adverb form of the word "jealous" is jealously.

What is the comparative and superlative of jealous?

The comparative would be more jealous and the superlative would be most jealous.

Is it bad to be jealous?

jealous can be good and bad or you jealous to the point of hurting your love one that is the bad one or jealous cause you don't want them to cheat on you

How do you beat your friend at the jealous game?

There are 2 jealous games: 1) Who cannot get jealous 2) Who can get jealous the most. Edit here to tell me which version you are playing!!!!!!! :)

Is this how to spell jealous?

No, that is not the correct spelling.The correct spelling of the word is jealous."He was very jealous of his neighbour's new shed."

How do you not get jealous?

think about everything you have! and how they should be jealous of you lol(:

Does Sasuke get jealous?

Yes, he was jealous of Itachi and Naruto

What is it called when a mother is jealous of her kids?

Well, jealous!

How do you spell jealous in Germany?

jealous= neidisch or eifersüchtig.

Is Jack jealous in Lord of the Flies?

Jack is jealous.

Is Kane jealous of aj?

No, Kane is not jealous of AJ.

What is french for i a m jealous?

je suis jealous

How do you say im jealous in Ashanti twi?


Is it good to be jealous?

I think being jealous is okay but i think so many people get wound up about being jealous of one person that they chose to not like the person because they are either jealous of what they have or jealous of who they yes it is okay to be jealous but no its is not okay to be cruel to someone over jealousy! :)

What does jealous mean?

Jealous means envious or wanting something someone else has. 'He was jealous of his brother's good fortune.' Sometimes it means you are protective of what you already have. 'The lords were jealous of their privileges.'

Why is it because you want to be jealous or do you need to control you or do you need to control her?

Do you 'want' to be jealous, or 'are' you jealous? If you 'want' to be jealous you need to change your ways, learn to not be jealous; it's called trust. If you 'are' jealous then you need to leave the relationship. Trust is one of the most important ingredients in a relationship and if there is little of it, 'it' is not worth it. Good luck!

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