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Copy But, for insurance purposes, yes.

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Q: Are you legally required to include your spouse on the auto insurance policy if you own the car yourself?
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What car insurance is legally required in Tennessee?

It is required to have liability car insurance to legally drive in Tennessee.

Are you legally required to purchase insurance for your boat in New Jersey?

No, it is not legally required that you purchase insurance for your boat in New Jersey. It is a good idea to have boat insurance in case of an accident.

Is boat insurance legally required in Canada?


Age to buy car insurance?

your only required to have insurance if you are legally licened to drive a car. check with your local DMV and/or highway patrol.

Do teens have car insurance available to them?

Yes, if you have a drivers license, it is legally required by law for each driver to have insurance, even if they are only a teenager that has a license.

Is individual health insurance required by law?

Individual healthcare is not required by law at this time. However, by 2014, it will be legally required for private citizens to have health insurance. Bu it should be noted that there are plenty of states suing the govt over this mandate.

In what states is it legally required to have lights on bicycles?

By law, it is legally required to have lights on bicycles in almost every state in America. These states include Seattle, Massachusetts, and others. Contact the state department in one's area to see if it is required.

When your company offers health insurance are you required by law to have health coverage to work Do you have to opt in?

If you are required by law to carry insurance, you can either have it through the employer or provide your own. They cannot legally force you to opt in to their coverage.

Is car insurance legally required in Australia?

Yes it is, it is based on a third party scheme which normally covers when a personal injury occurred. This is the cheapest option but it is indeed required to have some sort of car insurance in Australia.

Sonis 16 with license but no car is he required to have insurance?

In most states he will have to be added as a driver on your insurance if you want him to be able to legally drive your car. Check with your insurance carrier for state specific details.

Are carbon monixide detectors legally required in a hotel?

What is legally required would depend on the laws in the particular state as well as the requirements of the insurance carrier. Depending on the heating system and other mechanicals, there may be no need for CO detectors.

How old can you be to buy auto insurance?

Old enough to legally drive is old enough to buy auto insurance. i still a minor you will be required to have your parents countersign the application

What documents are you legally required to have when operating a motor vehicle?

In all 50 states, you are required to provide proof of insurance, registration, and a current driver license for the vehicle you are operating.

Can you insure a new car before purchase?

In most states it is legally required that you have insurance on the vehicle before driving it off the lot.

Do you have to legally insure yourself and your car in Florida?

Yes there is a minimum coverage of personal injury protection and property damage that you are required to have.

How do you find insurance if someone tries to hide it?

legally registered vehicles are required in most states to have insurance. go through your state motor vehicle agency. and put aside time.

Should my student who attends college in NY, but main resident is in Texas, be required to buy car insurance NY?

No. You need to buy auto insurance in the state in which you're legally resident.

If you have full coverage auto insurance and am driving a friend's car who doesn't have insurance and you get a no insurance citation who is responsible for this citation?

the owner of the vehicle is responsible for the ticket. he/she/they are legally required to at least have the minimum liability coverage your state requires.

Are churches in Oklahoma required to have Workers Comp Insurance?

Churches in Oklahoma are required to have Worker's Compensation Insurance, even if they only employ one person. In Oklahoma it is legally mandatory for any employee to carry the insurance, with no exceptions. Employers who hire only part-time workers are not exempt from the rule.

What is an example of a legally required employee benefit?

some are legally required. For example, employers must provide workers' compensation insurance, which pays the medical bills for job-related injuries and provides an income for employees who become disabled because of a job-related injury.

Is a dental office legally required to verify insurance with carrier?

No, your dentists office is not legally required to verify your dental insurance. Your insurance company has a contract between you and them, it's not a contract including your dental provider. This is assuming we are not speaking of HMO insurance or PPO insurances. If you are given a list of dentists that you can go to based on a fee schedule then that dentist has agreed to accept a certain discounted price or not to exceed a certain cost, if this is the case then they are obligated to verify when your insurance is effective and when and if it has been cancelled. As a matter of fact, Your dental provider is only doing their patients a favor of submitting a claim for patients within the practice but they do not even legally have to do that. ( once again when referring to NON HMO insurance )

Can an employer legally require health insurance?

Probably, he's required by the insurance company to insure at least 75% of the employees or else the other employees can't get the plan. For more information see the link

When do w-2s from unemployment insurance come out?

If you are referring to 1099s, which state how much was paid to you, then they are legally required to be mailed by 01/31/2009.

What is required for a long term insurance policy to be legally binding?

Cash. Most carriers will require one month's premium for the application to be considered bound.

Can another person and their vehicle be covered on your auto insurance?

You are required to have an "insurable interest" in order to legally effect coverage. If you have no insurable interest then it would be unlawful to insure someone else or their property. When it comes to property insurance a simple layman's test would be to ask yourself this question. (If the car is wrecked? what are the consequences for me?) If your answer is none. Then you have no insurable interest in that vehicle.