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Are you legally responsible for a spouse's debt when you marry?

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No. Debts incurred before the marriage belong to the individual, those made jointly during a marriage belong to both. Married couples who reside in a community property state are generally held accountable for debts made during the marriage regardless of which spouse actually incurred the debt(s). (Texas and Wisconsin do not treat all marital debt in the same manner as do the other community property states).

2006-08-07 19:16:33
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Q: Are you legally responsible for a spouse's debt when you marry?
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Are you responsible for your spouses debt accrued before marriage?

Yes, you are responsible for the debt of someone you marry. When you marry someone you give all you have, and they give all they have.

In TN are spouses responsible for each others debt?

You are never legally responsible for any debt unless you specifically sign for that debt. If someone is trying to get you to pay a debt that you do not believe is yours, tell them to produce a copy of the document you signed.

Does South Carolina make spouses responsible for the others debt in their name only?

Under South Carolina law, debt that is incurred during a marriage is presumed to be marital debt. This would mean that both spouses are legally obligated for their share of the debt, regardless of the listed individual to the debt.

Who is responsible for marital debt?

Both of the spouses are responsible for the debt. They both benefited from the debt, so they are held responsibility.

Is a spouse responsible for the other spouses child support debt if they are deceased?


Is a spouse in Missouri responsible for the other spouses debt?

The basic assumption is that yes, the spouse is jointly responsible. It is assumed that both spouses will benefit from the transactions.

Are you responsible for your husbands unsecured debt?

The spouse is considered to benefit from the debt. Yes, the spouses share responsibility.

Is spouse responsible for deceased spouses SSA debt?

yes usually the spouse is

Are you responsible for your dead spouses credit card debt if you own a house together?

Your dead spouse's estate is responsible for the credit card debt. In practice, this may amount to "you are responsible for it."

Are you responsible for a spouses debt if not a joint account and are still married in the state of nc?


Are spouses responsible for credit card debt in Kansas?

If you are a joint applicant, then yes, but if the card is not in your name, then no.

Is a spouse responsible for living spouses debt if they are not listed on the accounts?

They are typically going to be held responsible. The debt is used to buy goods and services. The spouse is considered to have benefited from these debts.

Is a surviving spouse responsible for a deceased spouses medical bills in the state of Georgia?

YES, if you die, then the next of kin is responsible for your debt.

Are adult beneficiaries responsible for deceased parents debts?

No, you are not responsible for their debt. The only person legally responsible for a debt is the person that signed the contract for the debt. It doesn't matter if your dead parents left you money. Collection agencies cannot legally collect someone else's debt from you - but they will try. See the FDCRA to know your rights in debt collection.

Can your spouse's wages be garnished for your debt?

Your spouses wages cannot be garnished for a debt unless it is a joint debt. You are each responsible for your own debt regardless of whether it was incurred before or after marriage.

Can an unauthorized credit card user be responsible for debt that was charged?

If you were unauthorized, you can be held legally -- and possibly ciminally -- responsible for any debt you incurred.

Are you still responsible for a debt if your parents assume responsibility for that debt?

Minors cannot legally contract for a debt. Only their parents/guardians can assume that responsibility. So, your parents ARE responsible. On the other hand, if you are legally an adult and contract for debt - and your parents 'assume' responsibility for it -there would have to be legally binding paperwork naming them as the debtors in lieu. Simply giving their word is not sufficient, and you would remain responsible.

Are both spouses responsible for a government lien on a house if only one of their names is on the house?

Both spouses are responsible for the DEBT represented by the lien, but the lien can only attach to the interest of whoever is actually on title to the property.

Who is legally responsible for debt the holding company or the limited company?

I think clients and public who did business with company or with company products are directly responsible legally.

Can a spouses wages be garnished for the others debt Utah?

In some instances, yes they can. Is the spouse listed on the debt? An example would be a joint loan or credit card. If so, that makes the spouse legally liable for the debt. If not, then no, the wages cannot be garnished because the spouse is not legally liable for the debt.

If a 16 year old is legally married in the state of Tennessee incurs debt who is responsible for that debt the spouse or the parent of that 16 year old child?


Are you responsible for spouses debt if not a joint account and are still married?

It depends on where you live. Laws vary across states and countries.

Is a spouse financially or legally responsible for debt of other spouse?

I divorced my husband and had the credit card debt negotiated so that he was the responsible party for paying the debt. He does not pay on the debt therefore I found out that I am liable for the debt because the card was opened in both names.

Am i responsible for a Spouses credit card debt?

If you applied together for the credit card creating a joint account from the beginning, yes ... otherwise, no.

Who is responsible for credit card debt in KY after a spouses death?

For Kentucky the estate is responsible for the debts of the deceased. Only after they are resolved can the estate be closed any any remainder distributed.