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Yes. Sure, the car shouldn't have been there and perhaps was there illegally but that does not let anyone off the liability hook for causing property damage or injury while driving a vehicle. It would be a different story if you were driving in your own lane and the other driver, illegally parked or not, came out in front of you and caused the collision. However, there may be circumstances where the illegally parked car was a contributing factor in an otherwise avoidable collision, say, where it was blocking your view or otherwise creating a hazard that you were attempting to avoid when the collision occurred. If so, whoever left it there may be partially liable for YOUR damages.

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Q: Are you liable for the damage to a car in the no parking zone?
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Are you liable for the damage to a car in the no parking zone when backing out of a legal parking space?

If you back into somthing its your fault regardless of whether it was parked improperly or not. You were suposed to be looking

Are you liable for a person parking in front of your house?

Liable for what? A parking ticket? Not if it isn't your car.

Is a parking valet liable for damage to your car?

yes, they could be, hopefully they are a company that has it's own insurance coverage.

Are parking lots liable for damage to cars?

Not for one car damaging another, the driver is responsible for that, but if a light pole falls on your car perhaps

Who is liable if you were parked in a parking lot during a snowstorm and your car was hit by a snowplow?

Assuming the parking lot was open, and the car had every right to be parked there. The owner of the snowplow, and possibly the operator of it would be liable for damages to the parked car.

Does the owner of a parked car that hits another parked car liable for damages?

Yes. You are responsible for parking your vehicle in a way that damage will not be caused to another's vehicle. So say you park on a hill and the vehicle rolls back and hits another vehicle, you are liable.

Is the grocery store liable if a grocery cart in their parking lot hits your car?


If a vehicle is left out of gear and no parking break on and rolls back into a vehicle that is parked in a unmarked no parking zone on private property as both vehicles were unmanned Who is at Fault?

The owner of the car that caused the damage. They have a duty to engage their parking break.

The back window of my car was shatterd in a mall parking lot. Is the security company liable?


Who at fault when parelle parking cause an accident?

Same as if your not parallel parking. Whoever it was that hit the other car is liable for the damages and repairs.

Who pays for damage to car if the person is not the owner?

The person who is found to be at fault or liable pays for the damage.

Am i responsible if my car was backed into and i wasn't in the car?

definitely not, perhaps if you parked in a no parking zone.

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