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If the couple resided in a community property state both spouse's would have needed to file joint bankruptcy for the debt to be totally discharged. If one spouse did not file, it is quite possible the creditor will hold that person responsible for the debt owed.

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Q: Are you liable for your credit card debt if your husband filed bankruptcy or are you covered under community property debt?
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If your husband files for bankruptcy does it include you also?

This depends on two things. Are the debts joint and do you live in a community property state? If they are his debts alone and you do not live in a community property state you are not responsible. Therefore you do not need to be a part of bankruptcy proceedings. If however they are joint debts and/or you live in a community property state you are equally responsible for the debt(s). And it would be in both of your best interest to file a joint bankruptcy.

Can my house be repossessed if my husband is madebankrupt but is not on the deeds?

Your husband's name is not on the deed, but is he on the loan? If yes, then it cannot be foreclosed and repossessed if the property is listed on his bankruptcy filing, and, as long as his bankruptcy payments are current. If he defaults on bankruptcy payments, then you can lose the property. If he is not on the loan, then your house can be foreclosed and repossessed.

If you live in a community property state and only your husband files for bankruptcy and you file your taxes separately can the bankruptcy court take your portion of your tax refund?

Yes, unless you also file papers for an "Injured Spouse" which may or may not relieve you also of the tax burden.

Is property acquired after marriage in a community property state considered to be community property?

Yes--unless the property was acquired in some other form (such as tenants in common) and both husband and wife approved that form in lieu of community property. The deed should read something like: Brad and Eufora Example, husband and wife, who are acquiring title as tenants in common and not as joint tenants with right of survivorship and not as community property. The buyers/grantees consent to the above conveyance as tenants in common and not as j.t.w.r.o.s and not as community property. (signatures)

How can you split the house or equity in the house if your husband is in bankruptcy 13 at the time of divorce?

Generally, Home Equity up to $150,000 is exempt from a bankruptcy if the property is HOME STEADED.

Are you responsible for your husband's debts if you are not listed in Oklahoma?

No. Oklahoma is not a community property state.

What rights does a husband have to real estate and all other property in Oregon left solely to his wife by her father in an unwitnessed holographic will?

Oregon is not a community property state. The husband is not an heir of his wife's father. The husband has no rights in or to to the real estate.

Texas property 48 ac plus home owned by husband and wife with 6 children husband dies how is the property supposed to be divided?

Assuming no Will, if community property, then all goes to wife. If separate property, then divided between wife & kids.

Do I have a claim under the California Community Property Law if my late husband intended for his Retirement Insurance to go to me but his daughters are the named beneficiaries?

If by "retirement insurance" you mean a qualified retirement account covered by ERISA, then the retirement account had to provide that the surviving spouse is the beneficiary, unless the surviving spouse consented to a different designation (such as to the daughters). So the claim is not under community property law, but rather federal ERISA law. I'm not sure about California in particular, but in at least one community property state, you might have a claim for fraud against the community if your husband caused community assets to pass to someone other than you. It would be a difficult claim, though, because an exception to the fraud on the community claim is a "natural" disposition of the property. And it is natural for a father to leave assets to his children.

When a judgment is awarded against a man and wife and his company and the husband files bankruptcy on the company but the wife is not a party to the bankruptcy can her wages be garnished?

If both persons were sued and a judgment awarded but only the husband filed bankruptcy and included the debt; the judgment can still be executed against any non-exempt property belonging to the wife and perhaps jointly owned property as well. The legal presumption is that the debt is still owed because it was jointly incurred.

What can a wife do if she wants to file for bankruptcy but doesn't want her husband involved in any way?

Married couples do not have to file joint bankruptcy. However, this does not neccesarily mean that all joint marital property will be exempted from bankruptcy proceedings. Also, married couples who live in community property states are usually considered equally responsible for debts incurred during the marriage. That being the case, the non filing spouse might still be held responsible for debts that were discharged in the filing spouse's BK. The best option is to discuss the matter with a qualified bankruptcy attorney before proceeding.

Can a wife be sued for husband's business expenses?

It depends on the form of the business and whether there is community property involved.

Can your husband transfer a property to someone else without your consent?

That depends on details such as the laws in your jurisdiction, who owns the property and whether you live in a community property state.That depends on details such as the laws in your jurisdiction, who owns the property and whether you live in a community property state.That depends on details such as the laws in your jurisdiction, who owns the property and whether you live in a community property state.That depends on details such as the laws in your jurisdiction, who owns the property and whether you live in a community property state.

If I inherit property then take out a mortgage against it with my husband is it now community property?

I hate to say it but if his name is on the deed well let me put it like this the property was gained while you were married so in essence yes if you're living in a community state then you have a partner

Is a husband entitled to his wife's property that she acquired prior to their marriage in Texas?

Generally, no. Texas is a community property state. Generally, any property acquired prior to marriage, and maintained as separate property during the marriage, is not considered community property. For more detailed advice you should consult with an attorney who specializes in divorce law.

If your parent left you real property would your husband have a right to any of this property?

I know in my state, Louisiana, that would be considered an inheritance, and therefore, not community property. So, no, your husband would have no claim to it.But you need to check the inheritance laws of your state.In the USIn the United States a woman is allowed to own property in her own right. Her husband has no control over property she inherits. That sort of practice went out with the Married Women's Property Acts beginning in the nineteenth century which were originally designed to protect their property from their husband's creditors. In a community property state generally, a spouse's separate property consists of property the spouse owned before marriage or acquired by gift or inheritance during the marriage.

Is Texas a Tenancy by the Entirety state?

Texas recognizes "TENANCY BY THE ENTIRETY" only by mention in the BUSINESS ORGANIZATIONS CODE Sec. 152.052. and Sec. 252.001.However the concept is overridden by the inheritance laws / probate code and community property laws. In Texas inheritance of community property gives the spouse one half and the rest to other heirs unless it is "COMMUNITY PROPERTY WITH A RIGHT OF SURVIVORSHIP".In most states when the grantees of a deed are stated to be "Husband and Wife" a "TENANCY BY THE ENTIRETY" is created.In Texas "Husband and Wife" merely created community property.And does not necessarily do that if the grantor is one of the spouses and the deed does not declare and acknowledge the property to be community property with a notice of the effect of the document required by Texas Family Code.Utilizing both the identification of the grantees as "Husband and Wife" and declaration and acknowledgment of the property as "COMMUNITY PROPERTY WITH A RIGHT OF SURVIVORSHIP" provides the clarity needed.

Would your husband own half of house if you just bought it and you are sole owner on deed and your husband signed a disclaimer?

In a non-community property state the property could be held in your own name. However, in many states your husband could demand a statutory share if you died unless he waived that right. If you live in a community property state you should consult with an attorney to make certain the transaction was executed properly to protect your sole interest.

If you add your wife who has a discharged bankruptcy 4 yrs ago to your credit card can hurt the husband's stellar credit score?

Yes. But not as much as if the husband did the bankruptcy.

Could I deed a property to my son without my husband's consent We are joint tenants with survivorship?

Yes. If you own as joint tenants you can convey your interest to your son. He would then own the property as tenants in common with your husband. If you live in a community property state the answer may be different. You should consult with an attorney.

Your husband is co-owner of a lake home in MN with his sister She lives in FL and her husband is filing bankruptcy Chapter 7 Is the lake home safe from his creditors?

As long as the land is owned solely by your husband and his sister then it will not be affected by her husband's bankruptcy.

What are the Community family property states in the USA?

To be is normally called just "community property". The community being the husband & wife are as one person. The family is not part of it. * Arizona * California * Idaho * Louisiana * Nevada * New Mexico * Texas * Washington * Wisconsin

You were married when your parents died you then divorced your husband The heirs of the estate divided the property Does your exhusband have to sign along with your signature to your part of the prope?

No. What you inherit is yours, not his, and it isn't community property.

If i buy a home in my name while separated can a lien be put against it if my husband's home is forclosed on?

It sounds like you are not on the mortgage with your husband on your previous home. If he is foreclosed on, and you are only on the deed, then you have no financial liability. If you are buying a new home and you are on the mortgage with your husband, you won't be able to get a mortgage because you are on the verge of foreclosing Be careful when buying a home while separated however. Depending on what state you live your husband may be entitled to half the equity in your new home in the event of a divorce. Its called community property Here is a list of community property states:

Can a husband file bankruptcy on credit cards which are solely held?

Yes, legally spouses are not required to file joint bankruptcy when only one is the debtor. However, if the couple reside in a community property state the nonfiling spouse will still be held responsible for the debt, therefore joint bankruptcy is advisable. In non-community property states, the couple needs to be certain that their property exemptions are properly filed in order to be fully protected.AnswerHaving only one spouse go bankrupt is something to really be done to protect one spouses assets that were to be sole & separate of those in the marital union...not because a debt was incurred by only one of them. Noted particularly because of the wording of the Q - understand you don't pick what things are part of your bankruptcy - like his credit card but not the boat and our vacation savings bank account...if the husband & wife own assets or have debts together, those will be part of the bankruptcy, at least to the degree he owns a part.If there are some assets and/or liabilities that are held as sole & separate property of one or the couples (which as the previous notes is very, very difficult in Community Property - generally western - states), then you may be able to not involve those by having only one party go bankrupt.