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Yes. In my opinion, God doesn't care about licenses; He's all about love. The IRS cares about certificates. The commitmentin a marriage is what's important; commitment is a part of love. As stated above, God isn't interested in the license, nor is he really interested in the location of the marriage.

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Why are Hades and Persephone married if they are uncle and niece?

Gods have a tendency to marry other Gods, and when the only Gods are family.. you marry what is available. Persephone is incredibly beautiful, and Hades fell in love with her. At first she disliked him greatly, but I do believe after some time she came to love him.

Why was vulcan commanded to get married?

Um, he wasn't commanded. He wanted Venus (Goddess of love) to marry him after he helped the other gods, so he married Venus.

Who did Hebe marry?

After Heracles (Hercules) had died and been taken up among the Olympian gods, he and Hebe were married.

Did Cain marry one of GODS creation?

Yes Cain married his sister, poor man he had no choice like us.

Who could Greek gods marry?

humans and other gods

Did the greek gods get married?

Yes the Greek gods and goddesses married.

Who Apollo marry?

gods and mortals

Who is the king of the Greek gods married to?

The king of the Greek gods is married to the goddess Hera.

Are all gods married?

No, not all the Gods are married. And not all the married Gods are faithful to their spouse. In fact out of all the Greek Gods, Hades and Persephone are the only couple that never cheated on one another.

Which goddess is married to the king of the gods?

Hera [godess of marriage, women and also queen of the gods] is married to the king of the gods; Zeus.

Can you get married at the garden of the gods in Colorado Springs?

Yes you can. Garden of the Gods is where my mother and stepfather were married

What god or gods did gaia marry?


Is getting married in a Catholic Church without Communion still a sacrament?

yes it is because you are in gods presenceRoman Catholic AnswerYes, Marriage is one of the seven sacraments of the Church, all by itself.

Did Artemis ever marry?

No she did not get married or have any relationships with men or gods. Artemis was a maiden (virgin) goddess.

Did Aphrodite marry?

Yes. Aphrodite married Hephaestus so people and gods would stop fighting over. Even though Hephaestus wasn't the most handsome, she married him because he would allow her to do as she wished. Even married, Aphrodite was goin out with Ares.

Could titans marry?

yes if greek gods can

Why do gods marry more than one?

Gods are not like mortals, they live ever onward, and though they might marry one goddess, either could have a affair.

Why were the oylmpics stared?

Because one of the Gods had a beautiful daughter. He told the men who wanted to marry her that if they want marry her they had to fight him in a race. If they one the could marry her if not he would kill them, Finally Zeus' Grandson beat the man in a race killed him then married his daughter. He then invented the games in Zeus' remeberrence

Who is the greek queen of gods and protector of married women?

Mighty Hera , Goddess of Marriage and family is the queen of the gods , married to Zeus . She is also the protector of married women .

Did gods and goddesses get married?


Did the gods and goddesses get married in Greece?

Yes, the ancient Greek gods & goddesses got married. Some of them even got married to mortal men & women, & even had children with them.

Which Greek gods were not married?

Of the main Olympian Greek Gods: Apollo Hermes Ares

Is hera married?

Hera is married to Zeus and is therefore queen of gods and goddesses.

Who is Apollo's spouse?

He did not marry anyone but he did like many greek gods

Do gods and goddesses have to give up their powers if they wanted to marry a mortal?