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Q: Are you obligated to pay a doctor for a treatment the insurance told him would not be covered?
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Is juice therapies covered by medical insurance?

The person who juices or fasts at home generally isn't covered. A juice fast administered as part of another treatment by a doctor or health practitioner might be covered.

Do vericose veins need to be treated by a doctor?

There are varicose vein treatment specialists that you can consult. A directory of them can be found at, and they are organized by state. You can also find out if your treatment is covered by insurance.

Is transportation to the doctor from a nursing facility covered by insurance?

maybe, it depends on what insurance

Need a list of doctors covered?

I need orthopedic doctor covered my plan of insurance

Can a doctor refuse treatment to patients without health insurance?


Can you choose your doctor if you have Blue Cross Insurance?

You can choose any doctor you would like with blue Cross Insurance. As long as the doctor is registered with the BCBS you will be covered.

When is gastric bypass surgery covered by insurance?

Gastric bypass surgery is generally covered by insurance when it is deemed medically necessary by a doctor. This basically means that in order for your gastric bypass surgery to be covered by insurance you would have to be very obese (not just overweight).

Can a doctor refuse treatment based on age and type of insurance?

A doctor has the right to refuse to accept a new patient except on the grounds of discrimination. After under a doctor's care, the doctor must provide care unless the doctor terminates the relationship with sufficient notice "long in advance". However, Under the EMTALA law, a doctor and/or hospital is obligated to get a patient evaluated and stabilized in a medical emergency situation.

Are you covered under your parents health insurance if you are pregnant and a minor?

This will depend on the kind of health insurance your parents have. Some health insurance may cover pregnancy while others do not. You will need to contact your insurance agent and ask them about your family coverage.You should also have a insurance booklet that states what treatments and doctor visits are covered and what is not covered.

Can a creditor sue you for a doctor bill if you weren't the policy holder on the insurance?

Yes. If you were the person who received the services and signed for them, you are responsible for the debt. Unless you are a minor. If the policy holder signed the papers for medical care they are responsible for any charges not covered by the insurance. It was my children that received the service, not me. Am I still responsible? A parent or legal guardian must give authorization and accept responsibility for the charges resulting from medical treatment provided to their children at the time of that treatment. You probably signed a form (this is sometimes on the "sign-in" sheet itself). Even without your signature, since the recipient of the treatment is your child, your liability is presumed. The name on the insurance policy, its' coverage and the outcome have no bearing on the issue. The insurance company did not receive treatment, your child did. Why would you not want to pay a bill to someone who cared for your child? Medical facilities file insurance claims as a courtesy. They are not obligated to do this and they are certainly not obligated to wait for payment from insurance (regardless of who's name is on the policy) or remain unpaid. They, like any creditor, have the option of filing suit against consumers who owe them money.

Is a company obligated to pay for the follow-up treatment of a minor injury if the employee resigned before the follow-up visit with the doctor?


If a doctor sends you for a procedure that is not covered by insurance how can you get your insurance company to pay for it?

you can ask your doctor to write a letter of medical neccesity and even ask for an alternate benefit if one is available for the procedure. However, if it is stated in your benefits handbook that it is not a covered expense, you more than likely are wasting your time and the insurance company will not pay.

Does insurance cover alternative medicine?

In the US and Canada Naturopathic Doctors are licensed in some states/provinces. It some states such as Vermont ND's are primary care physicians, so if you have insurance you are covered.However this is generally only true for visit costs and not necessarily treatments.In other states, like Indiana and Kentucky, insurance covers none of the costs of alternative treatment. However, generally the cost of the visit is lower than the copay for a doctor's visit, and the cost of the treatment (Vitamins, herbs, other alternative treatments) is lower, too, especially if you do not have prescription insurance or a doctor does tests that are not covered by insurance.

What is the singular possessive for doctor fee?

The possessive form of the singular noun doctor is doctor's.example: The doctor's fee is covered under your insurance.

What does 'a medical deductible' mean?

That is insurance terminology. It is a portion of a covered claim that the insurance company will not pay and that you have to pay to the doctor or hospital yourself.

Will a doctor's office write off an amount that the insurance deems over the maximum billable amount that they allow?

Yes, if they are on the provider list. Yes ONLY IF they are obligated to do so under a network agreement. If your insurance company determines that procedure X should not exceed $100 and that is the maximum they will pay one of two things can happen. If the doctor is in the insurance companies network then they are likely obligated to accept that maximum amount and write off the difference. However, if the doctor has no such agreement they will bill you for the difference over and above the insurance reimbursement and you are obligated to pay it. That said, try to negotiate because there may be some room for compromise.

Treatment Center for Depression?

form_title=Find a Treatment Center for Depression form_header=Look for treatment centers in your area. Do you have medical insurance?= () Yes () No Have you sought treatment before?= () Yes () No Have you been to a doctor or therapist?= () Yes () No

Your doctor is holding back on your surgery because of your insurance can the cancer spread?

Yes. You need to take steps to get into treatment sooner if the only holdup is an insurance issue.

Are over the counter drugs prescribed by your doctor covered by your insurance?

Sometimes, but this will vary from plan to plan. You'll need to contact your particular plan for a list of drugs that will be covered for you.

Chiropractic services, how many vist are covered in a year.?

It depends on your insurance provider. Call your insurance company and ask them how many visits they will cover and then see if your chiropractor honors your insurance. If they do not, find a doctor who does honor it.

Where could I find relationship counseling?

I would start by asking your general doctor for a recommendation. Since most mental health professionals are covered by health insurance, you should try your health insurance provider's website so that the services are covered and in-network.

Is Herceptin treatment covered under Medicare My doctor says I need it.?

Medicare Part B will cover the cancer drug Herceptin.

Treatment Center?

form_title=Treatment Center form_header=Get started on your path to recovery. Find a treatment center and get healthy today. Please explain what type of treatment you need.=_ Have you received treatment for this issue before?= () Yes () No Do you have health insurance?= () Yes () No Have you consulted a doctor?= () Yes () No

How do I find a doctor in Phoenix?

You can find a doctor in Phoenix, Arizona through your health network, such as your HMO or PPO. These organizations can provide you doctors who are in your network and thus, covered by your insurance provider.

If you were injured at work can you go to your own physicians?

Typically, after you are injured at work, an employer will send you to the doctor that is covered by their worker's compensation insurance.