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no it is just a void that you are trying to fill.take your time and re-evaluate your relationship.if still together try sitting and discuss how you feel and what you need.

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Q: Are you over your boyfriend and ready to move on if you are thinking of other guys but you still feel like you love him?
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What does it mean when you have a dream about an ex boyfriend who your still in love with?

you're just thinking of him.

Why would your boyfriend call you by his ex wifs name?

because he is thinking about her or still in love with her

Does Miley Cyrus a boyfriend?

Yes she doe her boyfriend's name is Liam when they stared in The Last Song. She is still thinking if he is the "The One" though.

Is Justin Bieber and talyor swift going out as boyfriend and girlfriend?

no he is still single and ready to mingle:):):):)!!!!!!!!!

Thinking about boyfriend after 16 years?

well if you still like him ask him out and see what he says! luv,BRITT =)

What do you do if you asked out a girl and she says no because she's still getting over her old boyfriend?

Just give the girl some time then when she is ready, shes ready!

What is the British English word for boyfriend?

Its still "Boyfriend"

When a girl says we should just be friends but you thnk she still likes you and she also still has a boyfriend?

She probably just doesn't like you or isn't ready for a relationship..

What does it mean to dream about your ex boyfriend who also is also your 1st true love?

It means you still have feelings for this guy. Your thinking about him.

Is not moving on bad?

after having a breakup it's completely normal to dwell on your old relationship and maybe want him or her back...but if u stay like this for too long and if you just can;t stop thinking about him or means your not ready to break up, it means your still meant for each other, that is if the other person feels the same way. it happened to me before, i had a boyfriend for a year then we broke up..i couldn't stop thinking about him even though there was another guy in my went on for months when i finally said i couldn't take it and after 2 years we're still strong. So take my advice..if u think your going no where then your not ready to move on.

What is does the song thinking of you by Katy Perry mean?

The song is about her boyfriend. Her boyfriend goes to war but tells her to move on. So she moves on, but even though she's with her new boyfriend she still thinks about her old boyfriend who she's madly in love with. Unfortunately her old boyfriend dies at war.

What if your boyfriend cheats on you with women in other countries?

it's still cheating.

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