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all women are different yes it can be ovulation, however it should not be watery as you described. it should be thicker than water almost like a cream.

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Q: Are you ovulating if it's been a week since your period and you feel like you were ovulating a few days ago and you had watery cm then nothing yesterday and now it's back?
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What does the milky white watery discharge mean?

That you are ovulating

Could a woman be pregnant if she has a watery discharge coming from the vagina and she hasn't had a period?

I would say the discharge is from ovulating. A clear discharge is common when a woman ovulates.

Your period is watery are you pregnant?

No, if you are having a monthly period you are probably not pregnant.

Does a watery period have to be a infection?

yup sure does yup sure does

How can you be sure you're ovulating?

Besides a ovulation test, the other ways that you can tell you are ovulating is by taking your BBT (Basal Body Temprature) first thing in the morning with a digital or BBT thermometer, checking your cervical mucus for changes..When you are ovulating you usually have watery to eggwhite cervical mucus, and last but not least checking your cervix. If it is soft, high, open, wet..SHOW..that is a good indication that you are ovulating..

Causes of watery sperm?

This is nothing to be concerned about. The main cause of watery sperm is drinking lots of fluids! Overall, this is actually healthier for you.

What are common ovulation symptoms?

One sign of ovulation is a change in cervical mucus - when you are ovulating it becomes more "watery". An increase in your sex drive is another sign of ovulation. A third sign is cervix position when you are ovulating your cervix is higher and more open. Another good way to determine whether you are ovulating is to purchase an ovulation test from any drugstore.

Why is your period bright red and watery?

because your losing blood every month

Is watery discharge a sign you're getting your period?

Not really, go to the doctor.

Watery blood when period was due it lasted 2 days is it period or not?

It's hard to say. I would take a test

What does it mean if your period is three days late and is watery and very dark and heavy?


Watery period blood?

It is normal for menstrual flow to be watery and also normal for it to contain clots. Consult your physician if your menstrual bleeding lasts more than eight days.

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