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This is a very confusing situation. I am pregnant with #4 and I have never had a pregnancy test be false, I would recommend that you wait 2 more weeks and take another HPT test and see if it is still positive. If it is call you clinic and explain to them that you waited two more weeks and it is still positive and ask for an appoitment and talk to the doctor. It might be that they have a more sensitive test and if you wait 2 more weeks it should definitely come up positive at the clinic if you are pregnant.

AnswerActually with my 1st son i took a HPT and it was positive.. when i went to the doctor a few hours later theirs was negative.. I started crying and they asked me why and i had told them that i had taken one earlier, so they did another test there and it came out positive... I would ask for a blood test if this keeps happening.
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Q: Are you pregnant if a home pregnancy test at 8pm said positive but a clinic test at 3pm the next day was negative but then a home test again at 6pm was positive and a clinic test 9am next day negative?
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What if you get a positive pregnancy test and than a negative one?

Take a blood test at a clinic to be sure.

You are over 2 weeks late and have pregnancy symptoms but you have negative test results can i be pregnant?

Get to a clinic or gynocolgist.

If you still have Period and negative pregnancy test could you be pregnant?

yes its best to take a blood test at a clinic.

You took 3 home pregnancy tests one came up negative one looked positive and one was definitely positive Are your results reliable?

you should definatly go to a clinic and take one of there free pregnancy test to make sure wether or not your pregnant

Is it possible you are pregnant when you took one test it said positive then took another one and it was negative?

Yes, especially if you took the home pregnancy tests. Go to a clinic and have a blood test done.

Can you have a positive pregnancy result in the morning and a negative one in the later in the afternoon?

it does not sound right my advice to you is to go to the clinic and get a test

Ive got the signs of being pregnant but the tests was negative?

Don't rely on home pregnancy tests, go to a clinic and do it properly.

You are 15 days late and you took a pregnancy test at a clinic and it came out negative Could you still be pregnant you feel the symptoms when you were first pregnant but the test came out negative?

oh yes it is a very good chance it happened to be i also had 3 tests negative and was still pregnant

Could you still be pregnant if you only spotted during your period but a pregnancy test was negative?

It is unlikely, but there is always a chance that you could be pregnant. See a doctor or clinic for a blood test. These are more reliable than home pregnancy tests.

You got two negative pregnancy tests have what you think is a slight period but you feel pregnant and have many symptoms HELP?

If you think you're pregnant and want help, go to a doctor or clinic.

What is prenatal clinic?

A prenatal clinic is a medical facility, where pregnant women are seen, monitored and treated during their pregnancy.

Are you pregnant if you were one week late for period and pregnancy test was positive but started bleeding shortly after and next test said negative?

I think you should really go to a doctor or to a sexual health clinic. Self testing is giving uncertain results.

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