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Are you pregnant if a home pregnancy test at 8pm said positive but a clinic test at 3pm the next day was negative but then a home test again at 6pm was positive and a clinic test 9am next day negative?

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September 12, 2011 3:29PM

This is a very confusing situation. I am pregnant with #4 and I have never had a pregnancy test be false, I would recommend that you wait 2 more weeks and take another HPT test and see if it is still positive. If it is call you clinic and explain to them that you waited two more weeks and it is still positive and ask for an appoitment and talk to the doctor. It might be that they have a more sensitive test and if you wait 2 more weeks it should definitely come up positive at the clinic if you are pregnant.


Actually with my 1st son i took a HPT and it was positive.. when i went to the doctor a few hours later theirs was negative.. I started crying and they asked me why and i had told them that i had taken one earlier, so they did another test there and it came out positive... I would ask for a blood test if this keeps happening.