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Hi, It is possible to be pregnant and have a negative urine pregnancy test. It is also possible you could be pregnant with a negative blood test providing that the blood test was performed too early. This could also be why the ultrasound showed signs of pregnancy. Also if you miscarried recently without you knowing, it is possible the ultrasound picked up the sac minur the embryo. If a embryo is picked up on the ultrasound then you're pregnant hun.

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Q: Are you pregnant if an ultrasound showed a sign of pregnancy but your blood and urine tests are negative?
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Is Whitney pregnant in eastenders?

No. She thought she was so she took a pregnancy test which showed up as negative.

Pregnancy test showed it was negative but the negative sign was very light could that be a false negative?

Take another pregnancy test. I suggest buying one that is easier to read this time (a digital one) that says 'pregnant' or 'not pregnant'

I missed my period and i am having pregnancy symptoms and i had a negative result on my blood test could i still be pregnant?

yes you could that's what happened to me i was having symptoms and took at blood test and pregnancy test and it all showed up negative but i just knew i was pregnant i mean lets face it you can tell by the belly if you are and a few months later my tummy got big and i went to the doctor and he did a test and it still said negative but the ultrasound showed different

Are you pregnant if you took 3 pregnancy tests and got different results and an ultrasound showed that you were not pregnant but your stomach is getting bigger?

If you have a test that shows a positive pregnancy result then YES you ARE pregnant. Forget the negatives. A positive is a positive. A ultrasound can not detect a baby till you are 6 plus weeks into your pregnancy. Actually you can see an embryo earlier than 6 weeks. You should go back to the doctor and get another ultrasound. This could be a molar pregnancy. See a doctor, they will be able to give you a blood test and tell for sure.

Should you have a d and c if you have not miscarried but your hormone levels are decreasing?

NO! My pregnancy hormones decreased and they thought it was a chemical pregnancy but my baby showed up on the ultrasound 2 weeks later. NO! My pregnancy hormones decreased and they thought it was a chemical pregnancy but my baby showed up on the ultrasound 2 weeks later.

When does the heart beat show on a ultrasound?

I was 6 weeks pregnant and it showed on the ultrasound the little heart beat. its was so cute!

One pregnancy test showed faint positive at night then the next morning on a different brand of test showed negative could i be pregnant?

Take another one to be sure

If you have all pregnancy symptoms but had your period and home pregnancy test showed negative can you be pregnant?

Yes you could have tested too early. Go to your doctor and they may give you a blood test to confirm pregnancy.

If i took a home pregnancy test and it came up positive and the clinic test came up negative but the ultrasound showed two babies and it's too early for a heartbeat?

The ultrasound is as conclusive as it gets. The tests have a small margin of error because they test for hormones. The ultrasound sees what is there or not. You are most certainly pregnant. Possibly with twins. If you are still early on the ultrasound can be inconclusive about that. Sometimes one of the twins will be reabsorbed into your body early on as well. I know one person that showed twins early on but only one in a later ultrasound. I hope that this is good news for you and that both babies are born healthy.

Can you still be pregnant if your period came early and pregnancy test came negative?

A woman that I know tested negative when she took a name brand test when she was over a month pregnant. It wasn't until she was 2 months pregnant that it showed up as a positive result. So, I would say, "yes" some people do test negative while they are pregnant.

Is there any chance you could be pregnant if you've had several negative pregnancy tests including a blood test but no period?

if all tests showed as negative then you should go see your gp about the fact that your periods have stopped.

If one pregnancy test showed a slight pink line and another test showed negative could you be pregnant?

If you did the first test with the first urine in the morning and the second later in the day, you may be pregnant. Take another test with the first urine in the morning when the hormones are more concentrated.

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