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Probably not. That feeling could be a lot of different issues. If you do continue to have discomfort, you should contact your primary care physician and be examined. I wish you the best of luck!

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โˆ™ 2006-05-27 00:48:37
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Q: Are you pregnant if you feel pressure down below in your stomach and what causes that feeling?
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What causes stomach fluttering spasms?

gas or you could be pregnant and feeling the baby kicking.

What hormone causes a sinking feeling in the stomach?


Why is my stomach flipped?

my mom says that sometimes her stomach flips. can you tell me what causes that feeling of her stomach flipping over?.

What is causes pressure in gas?

a bad stomach

What causes that burning feeling in your throat after you throw up?

stomach acids and lactic acid

What causes a acid feeling in your stomach?

Nothing.. Acid Reflex Maybe? . . Go see your doctor!

What causes lower stomach and lower back pain together?

its cause by being pregnant

Can you have tugging pulling feeling in your belly button and not be pregnant?

YES- I had this same feeling and after some persistence I sought medical care. I was diagnosed with Endometriosis as well as a stomach bacteria that causes ulcers called H. Pylori. I believe either one can cause this sensation, where as in my case it was a combination.

Why are you tired when it rains?

There have been studies that the barometric pressure in the atmosphere causes this. It makes you sluggish, you know that lazy feeling. There have been studies that the barometric pressure in the atmosphere causes this. It makes you sluggish, you know that lazy feeling.

What causes a knot at the top of your stomach?

A knot in the stomach may be a feeling of tightness or pain. See a doctor to make sure this is not a hernia or any other condition needing attention.

What causes back pains and sharp pains in the stomach?

your pregnant. Hello, Does not mean your pregnant, could be a number of things. Go to the doctor and good luck.

What causes excitement tension and an upset stomach when riding on a roller coaster?

the tension comes from the launch and the drop and the upset stomach feeling from the vertical loops. if you don't want an upset stomach don't ride the coasters that cause these feelings

What causes thicking of the stomach linning?

What causes the stomach linning to thicken

What causes body deformation?

Sometimes deformation can be cause by the mother drinking, smoking or falling on their stomach when the mother is still pregnant.

What causes my stomach to boil with loud growling sounds?

my stomach is boiling what are the causes?

What does it mean when you have pressure on the left side of your head above your ear?

When you have pressure on the left side of your head above your ear, you might have a sinus infection. You might also have a common cold that causes that feeling of pressure.

Where do you feel the pain in your stomach when you pregnant?

Pregnancy it's self does not cause pain . Labor causes pain but that would be a different question.

What may be the cause of stomach ache when your pregnant?

Pregnancy is a huge hormonal and physiological change for the body. Sometimes, this can cause reactions such as stomach ache. However, "regular" causes such as indigestion are still possible.

What causes dizzeness?

Dizziness can be caused by many of things. It could be caused by sickness, been pregnant or high blood pressure.

What causes pregnant teens to have high blood pressure during pregnancy?

As such there is no special reason to have high blood pressure in teens except psychological stress. Stress hormones will rise the blood pressure.

What causes an upset stomach?

stomach acids may enter another part of the digestive system witch causes an upset stomach

What does a pressing feeling on the back of head mean?

There are a number of possible causes for feeling pressure at the back of the head. They include tension headaches, migraines, headaches originating from the neck area, and inflamed sinuses.

What causes stomach pains in the top of your stomach?


Does the stomach stretch?

If your pregnant then it's not so much your stomach it's the uterus ...the baby is pushing which causes the stomach to stretch and Cocoa Butter usually helps stretch marks to go away.

What causes red blotchy spots on your stomach if you're not pregnant?

Red, blotchy spots on your stomach definitely isn't pregnancy related. It may be a allergic reaction to perfume, soap products, clothes fibres. Anything.