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If you have a test that shows a positive pregnancy result then YES you ARE pregnant. Forget the negatives. A positive is a positive. A ultrasound can not detect a baby till you are 6 plus weeks into your pregnancy. Actually you can see an embryo earlier than 6 weeks. You should go back to the doctor and get another ultrasound. This could be a molar pregnancy. See a doctor, they will be able to give you a blood test and tell for sure.

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โˆ™ 2007-03-23 14:44:45
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Q: Are you pregnant if you took 3 pregnancy tests and got different results and an ultrasound showed that you were not pregnant but your stomach is getting bigger?
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Can you have a full term pregnancy getting pregnant with Mirena?

Yes, you can have a full-term pregnancy after getting pregnant with Mirena.

I had 2 positive pregnancy tests and 1 negative and no signs of pregnancy on the ultrasound?

Interesting.. I've had the same thing happen to me (minus the ultrasound...) in getting several false positives. However, mine were due to having cysts on my ovaries- which are known for affecting the result of home pregnancy tests. If you're still uncertain, I'd try taking a blood test; it is possible that if you are indeed pregnant, the pregnancy is too young to be shown in an ultrasound.

Can you tell if your pregnant by pressing on your belly?

Yes. That is so generally after 12 weeks of getting pregnant. You can palpate the uterus there. The urine test for pregnancy is done in normal course. You have to do the ultrasound examination of the lower abdomen for confirmation. In advanced pregnancy, you can locate the foetal heart sounds. Pregnancy is confirmed clinically in that case.

Can you still be pregnant even though you are not getting morning sickness or nausea?

Yes, approximately 25% of pregnant women never have morning sickness and that is normal for them during that pregnancy. Each pregnancy can be different.

What is the best part of pregnancy?

getting pregnant

Can you be three months pregnant and still get negative ultrasound result?

i am 6 months pregant,,i know i am and i had an ultrasound and it came out negative i was getting worried about it..

What are the chances of getting pregnant if there was no semen. I got my period 5 days later had an ultrasound about 5 weeks after the last time i had sex and took 3pt's which where neg?

is it too early to tell wit an ultrasound at 5 weeks?and when can a gyno feel that you are pregnant with a pelvic exam?To get pregnant the male must ejaculate into the girl. There is no chance of pregnancy unless sperm gets to the woman's egg.

If you have a hernia and just found out you ae pregnant will it affect the baby?

i am 12 weeks pregnant and just found out i have a hernia and the pain is getting worse will it effect the pregnancy i am 12 weeks pregnant and just found out i have a hernia and the pain is getting worse will it effect the pregnancy i am 12 weeks pregnant and just found out i have a hernia and the pain is getting worse will it effect the pregnancy

Is getting a cold one of the symptoms of being pregnant?

No getting a cold is not the sign of pregnancy.

What are the chances of getting pregnant after having an ectopic pregnancy but didn't loose a tube?

You should still be able to get pregnant. If the other pregnancy was recent, then it is more likely you will be able to get pregnant because you are very fertile after a pregnancy

How does a vet check if your dog is pregnancy?

At around 45 days of pregnancy you can get x-rays to determine if 1) the female is pregnant and 2) how many puppies she has in there. This is very accurate (95%) and much better than getting an ultrasound because you can count their skulls and spines as they are now calcified.

How can you tell when you got pregnant while taking Seasonique?

by getting an ultrasound down to see the size of the baby

How early can you begin to feel symptoms of pregnancy?

I began getting sore, crabby, intensely emotional, and extremely fatigued at about 4 weeks. A pregnancy test at 6 weeks, and a doctors visit and ultrasound at 7 weeks confirmed. But I hear all pregnancies are different, so it may be different for you.

What if you always fail pregnancy tests?

It just means that you are not getting pregnant.

Pregnancy risk at 53?

Yes there is a risk of getting pregnant at 53

Is pregnancy moral aspect of family planning?

Getting pregnant when you choose to and is ready for it is the moral family planning is based on. Not just not getting pregnant.

Does getting aroused lead to pregnancy?

No, you don't need to be sexually excited or have an orgasm to get pregnant. You can get pregnant without that.

My last period was on the 29th March Since then I've been getting pain on my left ovary and stomach with some cramping on my legs I am also feeling nauseas with light headaches Can anyone help me?

Do you think you might be pregnant? If you turn out to be pregnant, you should get an ultrasound to make sure you don't have an ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy which tries to implant in the Eustachian tube. This can be dangerous.

What are the risks of having genital warts and getting pregnant?

There will be minimal risks; go talk to your doctor for your best plan getting pregnant and during pregnancy.

How do doctors determine that you are expecting twins?

Generally from the ultrasound, when there is more than one baby. However, before the ultrasound there can be some indicators, such as pregnancy symptoms being stronger than normal or your abdomen getting bigger earlier on in the pregnancy than it usually would

You are still getting your period and you are pregnant?

not possible, you either get your periods or you are pregnant (you don't get periods anymore through out pregnancy)

Can a blood pregnancy test tell you the exact date of getting pregnant?

it may not tell you what day you have got pregnant

What are the chances of getting pregnant while the woman is on antibiotics?

Same as if she is not. Antibiotics does not protect from pregnancy or makes it easier to get pregnant.

Can you get pregnant if you get a pap smear?

No, getting a Pap smear is not going to result in pregnancy.

Does foreplay cause pregnancy?

No there is no chance of the girl getting pregnant, if she indulges in foreplay.