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Q: Are you pregnant if your stretch marks are itchy and you have been urinating a lot?
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Why are your breasts itchy?

You might be getting stretch marks or you might be just growing..

Do dogs get stretch marks when they are pregnant?

No dogs do not get stretch marks when pregnant or when they have their pups their skin is waydiffrent than human skin. If your dog has or is pregnant and stretch marks your should probably ask a veternarian near you.xoxo - Gracie Pendergrass

How do you get stretch marks when you arte not pregnant?

The reason you get stretch marks is not pregnancy, it's because the skin rapidly stretches. That can happen when you are not pregnant as well.

What are the lines you see on your stomach when your pregnant?

stretch marks

What causes stretch marks to swell and burst as well as feel itchy all over?

As long as it is your stretch marks itching you are ok but anyone itching without stretch marks should see their doctor as it can be a sign of something serious.

How can I remove stretch marks?

Stretch marks are very common for women to develop while they are pregnant. Using cocoa butter on the stretch marks twice daily will help the appearance of them.

Why do you have stretch marks at age 14?

i have 4 stretch marks at the age of 8 i hate getting changed for P.E i have to go in the toilet i get bulled you think only boys bully but girls do aswell coz they do it to me they call m preggy for pregnant i hate it you normally get stretch marks when your pregnant i am 8 how am i pregnant

Does Stretch marks mean your pregnant?

Stretch marks show up after a rapid growth spurt on some people, male or female - you don't have to be pregnant and some women don't get stretch marks during pregnancy. It all depends on how elastic your skin is. Men get them too.

What makes stretch marks worse?

Getting fat and pregnant with quintuplets.

When your stomach ichess when your pregnant what does that mean?

you have stretch marks and they are stretching your skin.

What helps with itchy stomach and stretch marks during pregnancy?

Any kind of lotion that you prefer... most women tend to lean more towards cocoa butter since it is very safe and not greasy. They have an actual lotion for pregnant women to help fight stretch marks and it is made with cocoa butter...

Why is your pregnant belly so itchy?

When you become pregnant your stomach stretches. The stretching of the skin makes your stomach itchy. Warm baby oil and vitamin E oil can prevent the itching and help prevent stretch marks, which will continue to itch at random moments in time and never stop. Hope I helped!

Is it possible for a woman to have stretch marks on her abdomen yet she states that she has never been pregnant?

Sure. Stretch marks are a result of other things besides pregnancy. A large weight loss could add stretch marks.

What is the best cream or lotion for stretch marks?

Stretch marks are hard to get rid of, especially if they have been there for a while. If you are pregnant, rubbing cocoa butter on your stomach each night can prevent intense stretch marks. If you currently have stretch marks, cocoa butter can help, but chances are they will still be visible.

Does being pregnant actually stretch your belly button piercing?

It may not stretch the hole, but it often does cause stretch marks from the scar if it is already closed.

Does everyone get stretch marks?

No, eveyone not get stretch marks.

What happens to your skin when you are pregnant?

What happens is ur skin stretches leavin stretch marks.

Can female dogs get stretch marks after pregnancy or being overweight?

yes, my dog is 7wks pregnant and has started to get a few stretch marks around her teats as they are alot bigger than usual.

Can you get a tattoo over stretch marks?

Yes. you can get a tattoo over stretch marks and guess what it even hides the stretch marks.

Why do breasts get stretch marks?

Stretch marks occur when the skin is stretch before it can produce enough skin to comfortably stretch. Women who get stretch marks on their breasts filled out rapidly.

You are 37 weeks pregnant and have apimple like rash on your stomach?

most likely stretch marks

What causes stretch marks?

Well I have Stretch Marks, so it caused by beging pregnant, loosing weight and putting on weight. You can get them on your bum, inside of your legs, hips and breasts . Hope this information helped you !!

How can I get rid of stretch marks by August?

There are plenty of creams that can help get rid of stretch marks. Mederma works great on stretch marks.

What effect does cocoa butter have on stretch marks?

The effect cocoa butter has on stretch marks is that it will make the stretch marks less visible. It will prevent the stretch marks from surfacing with continued daily use.

Why do you get stretch marks after gaining weight on your lower belly without being pregnant?

Stretch marks occur from rapidly losing or gaining weight in one part of the body. You do not have be pregnant to lose or gain weight in your lower stomach area. There are many products on the market that claim to fade stretch marks like Mederma, but a natural remedy is aloe vera gel.