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It depends! For example, are you the uncle's child? That would make you and your wife first cousins. But you are not related to your wife's uncle if your only link to him is by marriage to her.

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What relation are you to your brothers wifes children?

Uncle if you are male and aunt if you are female.

What relation is your brothers wifes niece?

You would be either the great aunt or uncle.

Is your wife's uncle your uncle through marriage?

No, you are not related to your wife's uncle.

How is your aunt's uncle related to you?

If your aunt is the sister of one of your parents, heruncle is also the uncle of one of your parents. Then your aunt's uncle is your great uncle.However, if your aunt is the wife of the brother of one of your parents, her uncle is not related to you.

What is your husband to your uncle?

Your husband and your uncle are not related to each other, although they are both related to you. Your uncle would call your husband "my niece's husband." Your husband would call your uncle "my wife's uncle."

How are you related to your father's great uncle?

Your father's great uncle is your great great uncle.

Is your aunt's uncle your uncle?

NO. You aunt's uncle is your great uncle or is not related to you at all.Your aunt is the sister of one of your parents, or the wife of the brother of one of your parents.If she is the sister of your parent, her uncle is your parent's uncle - brother of one of your grandparents - and is therefore your great uncle.If she is the wife of your parent's brother, her uncle is not related to you.

How is my mother's uncle related to her offspring?

Your mother's uncle is a great uncle to you and your mother's other children.

Are comedian Milton Berle and boxing ref Al Berl related?

No, Uncle Al was not related to Uncle Miltie.

What is your first cousin's wifes relation?

The wife of your first cousin is not related to you.

Can you marry your uncle-in-law's brother?

Your uncle-in-law is supposedly your uncle by marriage. Anyone who marries your parent's sister is your uncle by marriage, and you call that person your uncle, not uncle-in-law. His brother is certainly not related to you. Your husband's uncle is not related to you. If that is the person you are calling uncle-in-law, then his brother is fair game for marriage, assuming you have divorced or your husband has died. But then he is no longer your uncle-in-law and his brother is merely an older man who is not related to you.

If your grandpa is someone's uncle are you and that person related?

If your grandfather was someone's uncle, you may be related, as first cousins once removed. However, you may not be related at all.

How are you related to a child of your uncle or aunt?

A child of your aunt or uncle is your first cousin.

How is ray her bodyguard related to Whitney Houston?

thats her brothers wifes brother.....

How is your uncle a great uncle to someone how are the two of you related?

If your uncle is someone else's great uncle, you and that other person are first cousins, once removed.

Who was Leonardo da Vinci related to?

Leonardo was related to his uncle Francesco.

How are you related to your great uncle's great uncle?

Your great uncle is the brother of your grandparent. Your great uncle's great uncle is the brother of your great-great grandparent, and is therfore your great-great-great uncle. This is when looking at relationships through people who are related to you.

What relation are you to your brother in laws wifes grandmothers husband?

You are not related as you do not share a common ancestor.

Is your uncle through marriage new wife your aunt?

Your spouse's uncle is not your uncle, so his wife, whether new or original, is not related to you.

Is Michael Jackson Usher's uncle?

No they are not related.

How is Angela related to Mr westing?

Sam Westing is Grace's uncle so He is her great uncle

After a divorce is an uncle still an uncle?

Legally,no, but if you love your uncle then he'll always be your uncle...no matter what! Oh and of course if your uncle is your mother/father's brother, of course cos he's blood related-YAY!

How is your great uncle related to your children?

Your great uncle is your children's great great uncle. They are his great great nieces and great great nephews.

Is there something wrong with dating your uncle even though he is only related by marriage?

If your uncle is related to you by marriage, then he is the husband of your aunt. You should not be dating a married man.

How are a great uncle and a great nephew related?

A great uncle is the brother of the great nephew's grandfather or grandmother.

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