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Insurance for a child who only has a permit

All drivers are required to carry Financial Responsibility regardless of wether they have a drivers license, a learners permit or even no license at all.

Yes, If they is operating the vehicle, they needs Insurance.

Technically speaking a permit, license is the same difference. If she has been authorized to operate a motor vehicle by the DMV then they are hence considered a licensed driver even if there is a restriction imposed requiring supervision by another lic. driver as in your case.

In all 50 states, if she will be driving it on a regular basis any insurance company requires that she be listed on the policy or if there is a claim they will refuse it. This is per the NHTSA insurance regulators.

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Q: Are you required to carry insurance for a child who only has a permit and not an actual driver's license in the state of Texas?
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Can you put auto insurance on your drivers license?

The question isn't fully clear. A license is needed to operate a vehicle. Driving skill is needed to get a license as there is generally a written test plus one to test actual driving ability. It is often required that the drivers license applicant produce proof of insurance that complies with the state's financial responsibility laws. If the applicant owns a vehicle, it must be insured according to the state's requirements, and that proof of insurance must be shown If the applicant does not own a car, he/she may obtain "non-owners coverage". It generally satisfies the requirements of state financial responsibility laws. In that sense, I suppose, you are "putting auto insurance on your drivers license".

How old do you have to be to get your drivers license in Georgia?

you have to be 16 to get your actual drivers licence but you can get your learners permit at age 15. hope that helps.[:

Do you have to have car insurance in California if you have a license but do not own or operate a vehicle?

No. You can only get car insurance if their is actual a vehicle to insure.

Can a insurance company ask for a copy of your license?

Yes they can request a copy of your license as a part of your application of insurance. Usually they just ask for you number but they can request an actual copy

Can you drive in MA with out of state license?

Yes, provided it's an actual drivers licence, and not a permit.

Do you need a Commercial Driver License endorsement for a stake bed plated at 36000?

No, you need an actual Class B Commercial Drivers License.

Can my license be suspended for not paying insuranc I placed on someone elses vehicle?

In most states an insurance company must report to the DMV of your state that your insurance is been canceled. This often results in your state suspending your drivers license unless you can prove that you do not have a vehicle, and that the reason your insurance was canceled was because you no longer have a vehicle. The license plate that was obtained for the vehicle must be returned to the DMV. If insurance was purchased for the vehicle from another insurance company, then you must provide proof that you have insurance from the new insurance company. If the actual owner of the vehicle bought insurance from another insurance company, then this should be easy to prove.

How do you get insurance that is required to obtain a drivers license if you do not own a vehicle?

* There should be some provision for you to sign an affidavit stating that you are not required to have insurance because you don't own a vehicle. == == * You may be required to get liability coverage only even though you do not have a car. That way you are insured for the damage you may cause another even if you are driving someone else's car. * Some companies may require you to have a "non-owners" policy. This means that you do not personally own a vehicle or have access to one at your residence. However, in some states you have to have insurance prior to getting your license. The "non owner" policy can be converted to an actual auto policy if you purchase or have access to a vehicle in the future.

What if your permit expired can you still get your actual drivers license?

A learner's permit is needed in order to learn how to drive, but it is not needed to take a driver's test and get a license.

About how much is auto insurance?

Auto insurance rate vary hugely depending on the drivers age, past convictions, kind of cover required and the make and type of car. There can be no 'about' figure considering there are so many variables. Insurance for a young inexperienced driver can exceed the actual cost of the car.

What if your learners permit expired can you still get your actual drivers license?

In California I believe you can still get your driver's license after your permit expired, however you cannot drive without the permit until after you get your driver's license.

In Georgia if over eighteen do you need drivers permit before you can get your drivers license?

You always need to obtain a drivers permit--regardless of age. You take the written test for the permit, go and get some hours behind the wheel with another driver, and then take the actual driving test for the license.

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