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Getting an IUD is not common if your tubes are tied.

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Q: Are you required to get an IUD after or before you get your tubes tied?
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Do you have to remove IUD before tied your tubes?

There is no need to remove the IUD before (or after) having your tubes tied. Leaving it in will ensure continuous protection.

Can you get your tubes tied with an IUD inserted?

You can get your tubes tied with an IUD inserted. It's a good way to ensure continued protection.

Are there any side effects of having your tubes tied and not having your IUD removed?

There are no side effects of having your tubes tied and leaving an IUD in place. There is no pressing need to remove the IUD if you have other pregnancy protection.

Can you use an IUD after your tubes tied for Adenomyosis Treatment?

Yes, you can use a hormonal IUD after getting your tubes tied. Talk with your health care provider to see if this option might be helpful for you.

Do you have to get your IUD removed before you get your tubes tied?

I wouldn't have thought so because you then run the risk of getting pregnant. The gynaecologist performing your op could easily remove it at the same time.

Is it safe to get pregnant after an IUD removal?

Yes, it is as safe to get pregnant after IUD removal as it is to get pregnant before IUD insertion.

How is the IUD removed?

The IUD is removed in the office by grasping the strings and pilling slowly, gently, and firmly until the IUD comes out. No anesthesia or special medication is required.

What if i got pregnant right before i had a IUD placed?

If you were previously pregnant before you got an IUD they wouldn't of let you have one

How hard is it to get pregnant after you get copper IUD removed?

It's no harder to get pregnant after the copper IUD is removed than it is before the copper IUD was put in.

When do you get your period after stopping the IUD?

If you're stopping the non-hormonal IUD, like Paragard, you'll get your period on your usual schedule. If you're stopping a hormonal IUD like Mirena or Skyla, you'll get your period in four to six weeks if your periods were regular before starting the IUD. If you had irregular periods before using the IUD, you'll probably return to your previous irregularity.

How long must you wait to get pregnant after removing an IUD?

There is no medical need to wait before trying to conceive after getting the IUD removed.

What is the proper time to get IUD removed during your cycles or before or after?

There is no special time to get the IUD removed. Removal can be done at any time in your cycle.

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