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Are you responsible for damage to personal property other than your own if water damage occurs in your apartment?


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2015-07-15 21:09:58
2015-07-15 21:09:58

If you were aware of a leak....informed no one, took no steps to repair or prevent the water from escaping your apartment and damaging your neighbor's are. However, if you are talking of a sudden and accidental occurence....neither you, the neighbors or the owner/landlord had warning or knowledge of the potential water escaping...your insurance covers your property, the neighbor's insurance covers his etc...


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Unfortunately, landlords are not responsible for any one's personal property, unless you can prove negligence on the landlord sparked, which would have contributed to the damage to the property this is something that would be argued in court your best bet is to get renters insurance

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well of course, remember that your rent covers everything from your ceiling to the walls of your area. any damage or event that did not start inside your property and caused damage is not your fault. the landlord and the tenant above should make an agreement on how they will fix the damage and pay for the cost.

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In the event that there is personal or private property which has been damaged or destroyed, the courts can help. The person with the damaged property can file a lawsuit against the person who is responsible for the damage. If the court finds in favor of the person who has filed the lawsuit, it will enter a judgment against the person who damaged the property, which will make them legally responsible for paying for the damage.

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The landlord is generally only responsible for the building, not the belongings inside. That's what renter's insurance is for.

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