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no, sorry. It is possible but if you are pregnant with levels that low it is not a healthy pregnancy and will almost definitely have to be terminated... Not true, it could just mean that your HCG hormones can take awhile to produce in your blood stream. I know it is hard, but it may take a few weeks. Hi I posted the answer that the pregnancy would have to be terminated I am really sorry I actually just talked to a doctor and they told me that this was incorrect the doctor that I previously had, had misinformed me therefore I misinformed you I am really sorry and hope everything is good with you and your pregnancy!!!

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โˆ™ 2006-04-14 05:35:07
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Q: Are you still pregnant if you had three positive hpts and the doctor told you your hcg level is 3?
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Can you still be pregnant if you take 2 HPTs and they're positive but then you have a doctor tell you it's negative?

If the HPTs were positive then you are definitely pregnant. See a different doctor and get a blood test.

Can you get a positive test and then a negative and still be pregnant?

yes. go see a doctor to be sure

Can you have a positive urine test at the doctor s but still have a negative blood test and be pregnant?


Can you have a positive pregnancy test and a month later have a negetive and still fell pregnant and be pregnant?

Go to a certified doctor if you really want to know...

Can a girl still be pregnant after she had her period?


You had a period but Im still pregnant?

If you are still getting a positive on a pregnancy test, make an appointment to see your doctor before you make plans.

Is it possible to test positive for pregnancy two weeks after giving birth without being pregnant?

Yes, it is because your hormonal level is still high, and your body thinks its still pregnant.

Back in December your doctor took a pregnancy test It came out positive Now I took three yesterday and two came out negative with one positive am i still pregnant?

Probably - I expect it is because the levels of pregnancy hormone needed for the tests to be positive has dropped. I would still go and see your doctor or midwife, however

I had two positive pregnancy tests one digital one that read pregnant and now 6 days later I have some bleeding. Can I still be pregnant?

Yes you can still be pregnant. But it might help to see a doctor. Some people never miss their period while pregnant.

What should i do if i think im pregnant and still taking my birth control?

take a birth control test immediately and if it is positive then stop taking them and see your doctor to make sure you are pregnant

If you have symptoms of pregnancy such as light headed and dizzy but still get a light period with cramps after one week of discharge can you be pregnant?

Hello there. Yes you can be pregnant. I would do a pregnancy test this week. If the test is faint positive or dark positive - see your doctor for confirmation. If the test is negative see your doctor for a blood test.

If you missed your period one month then come on the next and still be pregnant?

If you missed a period, had a positive test and saw the doctor to confirm pregnancy but now you are bleeding - you need to see your doctor.

Could you still be pregnant if three home pregnancy tests were positive but a blood test at the doctor's was negative?

Yes. If even he said that you felt pregnant, there is most certainly a chance of being pregnant. Even a doctor administered test is not 100% accurate. Ask for another test. If he declines, have a pregnancy test at another doctor's.

You were 5 wk pregnant then bled how will you know if still pregnant?

You could go to your doctor and they will do a blood test. Or you could take another home pregnancy test. If it is still positive you might be ok. If its negative you are likely losing the baby

Can you be pregnant if you have two positive home pregnancy tests and still have your period?

Most likely, you are pregnant and that's not your period, you're just spotting. Go to the doctor, and they'll be able to tell you better.

You are 6wks pregnant have had heavily bleeding and cramps for two days but a pregnancy test stills sHow is positive would you still be pregnant?

Go and see a doctor immediately, this could be a sign of miscarriage

What if you take 2 pregnancy test one comes out positive and the other comes out negative?

Wait a few days and take another test. If you still aren't sure, go see a doctor. But odds are, if you got one positive, you're pregnant. It's very unlikely to get a positive and not be pregnant. It's more common to get a negative and be pregnant.

3 hpt all positive pregnancy symptoms but negative urine and blood test at doctor can you be pregnant im getting a belly?

have you been eating lots lately?????? that might be the answer there, just prue fat. if you still feel that you could be pregnant check with the doctor

You had a miscarriage at 6 weeks 2 days nearly 2 weeks ago but a test is still saying positive are you still pregnant?

The HCG (the hormone that is produced when you are pregnant) stays in your system for a while after a miscarriage but is going down. A test may remain positive for a couple of weeks. If you are concerned please see your doctor.

Does it mean your pregnant if i had my period 2 days and i took 2 tests that came back positive and 2 that came back negative?

I advise you go see your doctor. But you can't be pregnant if you are still menstruating.

Can you still be pregnant but get a neg urine test?

Yes. With my son, I had positive home pregnancy tests, but a negative urine test at the doctor's office. Obviously, they were wrong.

Are you pregnant if a white discharge comes out of your nipples?

No, ask your doctor about it. But still, check if you are pregnant.

Is it possible for a pregnancy test to detect a false positive?

A false positive is very rare but it is possible. It is a LOT more common to get a false negaive than a false positive. The best thing for you to do, is to do another pregnancy test. If the test is still positive then you are pregnant and should see your doctor.

Positive test but you got your period took another test it was negative can you still be pregnant?

it is very possible you need to see your doctor. My cousin did not know she was pregnant until 5 months in because she was having periods! go see your doctor. it is also possible you could have miscarried

Can you get positive urinepregnancy test results and still not be pregnant?