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It depends how long ago your miscarriage was. As you don't start showing until 14-15 weeks it is possible you had a miscarriage, one of twins and you are still pregnant with the other. Take a pregnancy test if it was more than 4 weeks ago.

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Q: Are you still pregnant if you were told you had a miscarriage but you are still showing?
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Could you still be pregnant if you had to go to the emergency room about a month ago for bleeding and the hospital told you that you had a miscarriage?

If the hospital told you had a miscarriage then you probably did but if you still feel like you are pregnant go buy a pregnancy test to see if you still are to make yourself feel better. I had a miscarriage and my doctor told me it takes a full month for the pregnancy symptoms to go away. Until you have your next period you will still have all your symptoms. And, your first period after a miscarriage probably will be really heavy, clotty and painful.

Can smoking cause a miscarriage?

yes you can back in February i had a miscarriage and the doctor told me it could of been the smoking i had no idea i was pregnant i had found out to late

I am 14 weeks pregnant and I am still not showing is this normal?

I am also 14 weeks pregnant and not showing yet - my clothes are tighter than they were, but that's about it. Have been told it's normal not to show until about 16 weeks onwards, but everyone's different....

Can you have children after having two miscarriages?

yes the two babies that were there before are no longer there meaning that yes you can unless the doctor told you you had a miscarriage infection which would be a different story but yes you can still get pregnant

I miscarried when I was 22 you are now 26 Would the doctor have told me then if I had fertility problems?

If there appeared to be a physical problem for you that caused the miscarriage, the doctor probably should have told you. If you're trying to get pregnant again, I would suggest going to a ob/gyn and letting them know about your miscarriage. They can give you a full checkup and tell you what your odds are for another miscarriage.

The dr told me that i can still get pregnant because im still firtal?


If you had a miscarriage eight weeks ago but still have not had your period could you be pregnant?

Most likely not, you need (should have) 1 normal cycle before it can occur when your prog. levels drop down and you ovulate again You should have a complete cycle before becoming pregnant after a miscarriage, for safety reasons though. You can definitely become pregnant before having a period. My doctor just told me he's had women get pregnant 2 weeks after a miscarriage. It's not recommended because your body needs time to heal and get back to normal. Otherwise, if this time is not allowed, you are more at risk for another miscarriage. I had a miscarriage and ovulated 2 weeks after a d&c was performed without having a period first. However, I was not trying to get pregnant for this reason. We waited a couple months before trying just to be on the safe side. But to the absolutely can get pregnant after a miscarriage even if you haven't had a period yet. You do not have to have a period to ovulate. A lot of people think if you're not having a period you can't get pregnant, so wrong, you can still be ovulating.

How do you know if you had a miscarriage?

When I had a miscarriage I had really horrible cramps and I started to bleed even though I was not on my period. I already knew that I was pregnant and when i went into my doctor to take another test she told me I had lost the baby. Hope this help

You would like to know if a Dr would tell you if you where pregnant if you didn't know and you miscarried?

I did not understand your question to well. But I think you are asking if your doctor knew that you were pregnant and he did not told you knowing that you did not know and you had a miscarriage? If that's the question this is the answer " SUE HIM or HER" The DR should told you about it if he or she knew.

What do you if a doctor told you you had a miscarriage because you had heavier bleeding and clotting but he never looked at you or did a pelvic exam?

I would find another doctor. If you were definitely pregnant and called the doctor to report heavy bleeding, he should have sent you for beta HcG tests. That will determine if the placenta is still producing the pregnancy hormone, if it is, then you're still pregnant, if the amount is not rising, then you have miscarried.

In Feb i had a miscarriage and now pregnant again i had a scan last week which was fine baby has a great heart beat and im 8 weeks now is there less chance now of miscarrying again?

I got pregnant a month after a miscarriage. I asked my doctor about risks because it was so soon. She told me that if we could get a heartbeat the risks were considerably less. Just to be sure, you should still ask your doctor, though.

Is it possible to have to full periods and be pregnant And if so could it mean that you had a miscarriage of one of the babies?

Yes, for example my grandmother when she was pregnante with my uncle she had her period all thru out her pregnance but she couldn't understand why her Tommy was still growing so she went to the doctor and he told her the she was pregnant with twins and that one had passed but the other was still very much alive and well. -Lexiz

Is it normal to have a miscarriage at four weeks pregnant?

Most miscarriages happen by 4 months. If you are having severe cramping & a lot of bleeding go see your doctor. As far as the pregnancy test. The pregnancy hormone will still be in your body after miscarriage. According to what the doctors told me when I miscarried, between 2 and 3 out of every 10 pregnancies end in miscarriage. Some miscarriages happen so fast, the woman doesn't even know she's pregnant-- she just thinks her period is late. 4 weeks and 8 weeks are the most common times for a miscarriage as they are the times when a period would have come. Most women who misacrry at 4 weeks don't even realise they have been pregnant.

Can you still have be pregnant with your period and still have cramps?

Yes you can still have your period and be pregnant. I have about 3 friends who told mi they had there periods for 5 months straight while they were pregnant n they still had cramp's. So the answer to that is yes best thing to do is go see a doctor asap.

You have read that after a miscarriage women get pregnant before there first cycle because you ovulate 2 weeks after a miscarriage is this safe or do you need to wait a cycle to start trying again?

My dr. told me you can start trying to conceive right away after a miscarriage as you are most fertile then. The problem they (the dr.'s) have with it is that it may be hard to determine how far along you would be in your new pregnancy. As long as you feel ready to start trying again there really is no medical reason you should wait. I had a miscarriage mar. of this year and this is what my dr. told me

You had PID for almost a year before the doctors told you and your husband and you are trying to conceive is it even possible for you to get pregnant?

It is still possible for you to get pregnant.

Was Melissa pregnant in Pretty Little Liars?

Yes but about six months along she told spencer that she got sick and had a miscarriage but as we are learning now things aren't always as they seem to be

Does a month pregnant easily get miscarriage?

From what I understand most miscarriages happen prior to entering your second trimester. Miscarriages are somewhat common, many doctors stating 1 out of 5 pregnancies end up in a miscarriage. It is usually not due to anything you did but natures way of ending something that wasn't meant to be. Also, remember that many of these the pregnant women don't even realize they had a miscarriage and mistake it for their normal monthly period. I had a miscarriage at 4 weeks and my doctor told me it was not uncommon and that a previous miscarriage will not make me more likely to miscarry again. Be positive and good luck.

Can a kidney infection cause a miscarriage?

I went to A&E with a bad kidney infection, were they told me i was about 7 weeks pregnant, which I had no idea about! about 3 weeks later I had a miscarriage, I saw my kidney doctor yesterday and he said that there is a chance it could have caused it but assured me the antibiotics I was on were safe, he said the more likely answer is I had a raised temperature so this could have factored in the miscarriage.

If i had a miscarriage 4 weeks ago at 5 weeks and i feel pregnant again i took a test after the miscarriage which came back neg and now have all the feelings again iv had 2 miscarriage and im scared?

Dont be it happens i been in your shoes. Let me tell you my story 2 years ago I was pregnant and I had a miscarriage on my bday wich was 7/29 by aug 10 i had a feeling i was pregnant so I went to the doctor on the 17th that was suppose to be my first ob appointment. I told my doctor what happen she said we will take a pregnancy test blood they call me on that monday and say your not pregnant you blood tes came back neg for pregnancy. I did not believe her I new I was pregnant by sep 28 I went back to the doctor and i was 2 months pregnant with my daugther I have know she 14 months old. Stay strong keep trying it going to happen i had to miscarriage back to back and I just kept going It will happen for you

Can a pregnant woman still have physical or sexual contact for the first trimester?

Generally, yes. Ask your doctor, but usually pregnant women are told that they can do anything AFTER they became pregnant that they were doing BEFORE they became pregnant.

Is it more difficult to conceive after a miscarriage?

I had a misscarrige 3 years ago, afterwards me and my partner tried for nearly a year to get pregnant,i thought there must be a problem but when my daughter was only 3 months old i fell pregnant again and now have two beautiful daughters, i think maybe we must have been trying so hard the first time, it was all i could think about,and the second pregnancy wasint planned at all and i was shocked that i could get caught so quick, good luck,try to make love instead of make baby, I had a miscarriage, and was told by my doctor that 1 in 4 women miscarriage, and that after six to eight weeks (and after a checkup) that I could try to get pregnant again, and that I did not need to worry that the first miscarriage would have any effect on me being able to get pregnant, and that one miscarriage does not mean I will have another.

Can gymnastics cause a miscarriage?

Normal exercise does not cause miscarriage unless it was a risky pregnancy but then I assume you would not have done gymnastics if the doctor had told you.

Can you cramp and still be pregnant?

Yes, when I was pregnant with my first child, I had cramps for about 3 days before my missed period and 2 days after. I was told that it is normal but I would still get it checked out after the day of your missed period.

Im only 3 weeks pregnant and you started bleeding are you still pregnant?

This does not necessarily mean you've miscarried, but you need to see a doctor as soon as you can. My doctor told me there is not much anyone can do about a miscarriage until 23 weeks pregnant. When your situation happend to me, I was only two to three weeks, and it did not work out so well for me. I still tested positive on home pregnancy a week after my doctor confirmed I'd miscarried, so don't bother wasting money on those home test. Go see your doctor.