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Are you taxed on the workman comp checks sent to you?

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Generally: If the money received is for a replacement of earnings (which would have been taxable, had you earned them normally), then Yes. If they are to compensate you for a loss of something else, say an arm or sight, etc., then No. The answer may be different for your States' income tax.

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I’m on SSI Will I Get A Stimulis check or on my Debit Card

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Do you receive a separate check once youy file for workers comp?

I worked for the state. I did not get workers comp until all my sick leave was used up. It came from a separate outfit. I did not get 2 checks. Once I could walk and drive a car, the doctor sent me back to work.

What date are Social Security checks mailed?

Many social security checks are sent out on the 1st day of the month. Some of the other social security checks such as disability are sent on the 3rd of the month.

When will capitol credit checks be sent out?


What are the Effects of stamp act?

all legal documents were taxed. wills, marriage liscences, deeds, etc. were all taxed in order to be sent and/or made.

Where can I get really fancy business checks made and sent to me within a few weeks?

There is a great selection of checks at

How many stimulus checks were sent out in 2008?


The 250.00 stimulus checks social security recitients are supposed to get when will they be sent out?

There are no economic stimulus checks planned for 2010 or 2011 at this point. President Obama talked about it, but Congress hasn't acted on the idea.

Define Returned Checks?

a check that has been sent back to its origin

Can unemployment checks be addressed to a shelter?

If a person is homeless, the unemployment checks would normally be sent to a post office box. It is unlikely a State would address unemployment checks to the address of a shelter.

What are the legal consequences of forging checks?

you could get sent to jail add me on

havent receive my checks yeah who can i ask what happen?

If you haven't received the checks from an employer, contact their payroll department. If you haven't received the checks from the bank, first talk to a teller, then the bank manager. If they state checks have been sent and you haven't gotten them in 10 days, ask for a reissue of the checks (new ones).

I have been taxed on full sale of property 9yrs. istead of difference between cost and sale can I recover any money sent to irs?

I have been taxed on full sale price of property I have owned for 9yrs instead of the difference between the cost and sale. Can I recover any money that has been sent to irs?

What do you do if you received a letter already open from an insurance company while on workman's comp in an open window envelope and you could see almost 7 numbers of your social security number?

Report it to your Employment office and also to Workman's Comp. There isn't much they can do, but at least it's report (also send a registered letter about your complaint because it's then on file should you have any problems in the future.) It makes me laugh at all the warnings given to the public about Identity Theft yet what do they do ... they send your Workman's Comp in regular mail (instead of Registered Mail where you have to sign) and they do this in Canada with new Driver's Licenses and Credit Cards. From now on have your Workman's Comp. checks put into "direct account" (into your savings or checking account.) You will receive all info on your bank statement so you know you are getting the checks. I get my Canadian Pension and Old Age Pension checks sent right to an small interest baring checking account at my Credit Union and thus, it stops Identity Theft.

Is the us government going to send out stimulus checks IN 2012?

The United States government did not send out any stimulus checks in the year 2012. It is not anticipated that any stimulus checks will be sent out in the year 2013.

Are the social security checks going to be send out and August?

No. Social Security checks will not be sent out in August. However, they may be deposited in bank accounts just like in July.

Benefit checks sent to coal miners totally disabled by pneumoconiosis come how often?


What is the timely filing limit for filing workers comp claims in NY?

45 days for medical bills to be sent to Wc in NY

Are stimulus payments sent out in the mail by social security numbers?

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) link, below, indicates that the IRS sent the May 2008 stimulus checks according to the last two digits of the recipients social security number.

What are relief checks?

Relief checks are sent out by the state and government for aid in rebuilding after a natural disaster. This is done on a large scale after tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, and fire that destroys homes.

How can one get checks for unemployment in the US?

Initially, to receive benefits from unemployment you must apply and qualify for the benefits. Provided you qualify the checks will be sent to you, or you could arrange to have them directly deposited into your account.

Can you be made to take another job while on workers comp?

In Canada yes. For example if you injury your back because you were doing heavy lifting and Workers Comp., sent you to a Chiropractor or physical therapy then after a few days to a few weeks and your doctor clears it then Workers Comp will make a deal with your employer to put you on light duty. This way the employer will pay half and Workers Comp will pay the other half until you are fully recovered.

Will ssi recipients get a stimulus check in 2010?

As of July 27 2010 NO stimulus checks are scheduled to be sent out in the year 2010.

How do we file for the rebate checks?

The 2008 Tax Rebates will be sent out to everyone who files a 2007 Federal Tax Return.

How the scholarship will be given?

Scholarships may come in the form of checks or may be sent to your institution to be deposited into your bank account.

How did the allies repay their loans to the US after World War 1?

They sent big checks, signed by sam riina

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