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Very few Irish People wear kilts, it is really a modern Scottish phenomena. The only people to wear kilts are pipe bands etc.

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Q: Are you to wear a kilt on every birthday?
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Is it ok for a male to wear a kilt?

It's traditional for a man to wear a kilt and men are really the only one's who should/are supposed to wear a kilt.

If you wear a kilt and you are transsexual?


What is something you wear that starts with the letter k?

Kilt, Knickers,kilt, knee socks

When do you wear a formal kilt?

Formal wear is something that is important for all of us. Whether you are looking for the perfect formal or semi-formal

What is something you wear that beings with k?


Something you wear starting with a K?


What do you wear that begins with the letter k?


Something you wear that starts with a K?


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Why do people say A man in a kilt is a man and a half in Scotland?

Because to wear a kilt you have to be a TRUE SCOTSMAN

Do you wear a kilt with the pleated bit at the back?

The simple answer is yes. The pleats of a kilt are meant to be worn in the back.

What percentage of Scottish people wear kilts?

Hardly anyone wears a kilt for normal daily wear. However, formal wear in Scotland (for weddings etc.) is a kilt and all it's accoutrements.

What is someting you wear that begins with a k?

Knickerbockers, kilt

What is something to wear that starts with a K?

Kilt! I think.

Something to wear that begins with the letter k?


Something you wear what starts with k?

kilt knickers

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Name something you wear that might be plaid?

A kilt.

Can an Englishman who lives in Scotland wear a kilt?


Who was the first person in Scotland to wear the kilt?

Nobody knows it was never recorded and the kilt dates back to almost BC

What do bagpipers wear?

Bagpipers usually wear a white button down shirt and kilt.

Can girls wear a kilt when Irish dancing?

no because men are soposed to wear them in irland

Do Scottish men wear skirts every day?

a) no, any more than Americans wear tuxedos every day. b) Don't ever let a Scot hear you call his kilt a skirt. They can be very violent people.

Name a country in which a man may wear a kilt?

A kilt may be worn in any country. However, I believe that it is still illegal to wear a kilt in Scotland because the law that banned the wearing of kilts has never been repealed although it is never enforced.

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