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Are you unconscious when you are asleep?

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Consciousness is partially or completely lost when you are asleep.

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Why cant you fall asleep after being unconscious?

If you fall asleep , you can lapse into a coma.

What does the heart continue to to do even if you are asleep?

The heart continues beating and pumping blood even when you are asleep or even unconscious.

Why is your breathing controlled?

So you don't stop breathing even when you are asleep or unconscious.

What you say urdu word behosh in english?

Unconscious Meaning, Not conscious; lacking awareness and the capacity for sensory perception as if asleep or dead "lay unconscious on the floor"

What does your heart continue to do even if you are asleep or unconscious?

your heart always beats to pump blood to the rest of your body

What does awake mean?

Awake means conscious, or aware, as opposed to being asleep (unconscious or semi-conscious).

If you dream someones death and it happens as you dream it what are you?

You're gifted with precognition. It's like premonitions except you get them while your asleep or unconscious.

How are unconscious processes studied in modern psychology?

Unconscious processes are studied in modern psychology in a variety of ways. People often hook someone up to a machine while they are asleep in order to study what they are up to while they are unconscious.Ê

Do snakes bite in hibernation?

Snakes do not bite in hibernation, because they are unconscious. However, it is difficult to tell how deeply asleep the snake is, so disturbing it is not advised.

What is the meaning of the idiom 'out like a light'?

To be knocked unconscious or fall asleep almost instantly. It comes from switching off a light. It goes out instantly too.

What is another name for sleeping gas?

There are many gases which can be referred to sleeping gas, as they can make people unconscious or asleep. One of the the most famous is Chloroform (vapors)

What is an anagram for the word please?


When your asleep what is the energy being used for?

When you are asleep, you body is still working, including the brain. It takes energy to maintain body temperature and operate muscles such as the heart. You may be asleep or unconscious, but your brain is still operation at nearly full capacity. It is communicating with all your organs. When you are dreaming in your sleep your brain is doing its thing and using energy to do it.

How long does it take the average person to move when startled?

If they are conscious between 0.4 and a second to react, but surprisingly when you are asleep or unconsciousit takes between 0.2 and 0.7 seconds!

Is it safe to let a person sleep while they are having a seizure?

Some people have seizures only while they are asleep. Other people will be very tired having had a seizure and will want to sleep. Some may lose consciousness but will not be asleep while having a seizure. There is no real danger from any of these situations in terms of the person being asleep or unconscious.

What is the difference between consciousness and unconscious?

The conscious mind is the part of your mind which you are aware of and have the capacity to control. The unconscious mind is the part of your mind you are unaware of, like your dreams, repressed and forgotten memories, which are inaccessible and uncontrollable. It is believed that your unconscious mind becomes dominant when you are asleep (or unconscious) and your conscious mind is dominant when you are awake (conscious).For more information on the conscious and the unconscious mind, refer to the works of Sigmund Freud who theorised many of the processes on the mind. Although they may or may not be true, his theories and research are considered to be the most accepted ideas of the mind in modern society.

Barry is unconscious in this s entence what part of speech is unconscious?

Unconscious in this sentence is descriptive. Barry is unconscious. Therefore, unconscious here is an adjective relating to Barry's mind.

What is the definition of the prefix in unconscious?


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When you hold your breath in a dream do you really hold your breath?

Probably not. However, it could be an indication that you have sleep apnea. When your rational mind is asleep, your unconscious mind tries to make sense of what is happening to you while you are asleep. So if you are having trouble breathing in the real world, particularly if it is at that moment, you will likely dream about it.

How do people hear when asleep?

Well, when people are asleep, their minds go into a state of REM (rapid eye movement), and they are not really "unconscious", their brains are always working. So in their sub-conscious, they still hear people. Unless you are a heavy sleeper.. It will be hard to awake from REM. But once I was asleep on my couch and my sister was throwing up in the bathroom, and I was asleep. She was yelling and yelling at me, and when I was dreaming, I heard her voice, and woke up. It was pretty weird.. But I'm glad I could help!

What rhymes with unconscious?

conscious subconscious unconscious

What is the longest time someone has ever slept?

They could have slept FOREVER because someone might be unconscious, frozen, of has taken so many sleeping pills, they end up falling asleep forever.

What part of speech is the word unconscious?

Unconscious is an adjective.

What happens if you don't perform CPR on an unconscious person?

If they are unconscious and breathing, nothing will happen. If they are unconscious and not breathing, they will die.