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Are zoos good for animals?

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Zoos are good for some animals but not all

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Do zoos have good habitat for animals?

zoos dont have good habitat for animals

Are zoos clean?

Zoos are good if they aren't hurting the animals and they are in good living conditions.

What is a good introduction for zoos are good for animals?

Zoos are defiantly a need to have in the future to help animals that are becoming extinct

Do animals eat enough in zoos animals eat enough in zoos?

it depends on the zoo but, generally, zoos in the US take very good care of their animals.

Are the majority of zoos good or bad?

the majority of zoos are bad for animals

Are zoos a good place for an animal?

yes because in zoos they protect animals

Is it good to keep animals in zoos?


Do animals in zoos go crazy?

That's kind of a biased way of phrasing the question. Some animals in some zoos do begin to exhibit behavioral disorders. Good zoos work hard to provide the animals with a comfortable, engaging environment to minimize the chances of this happening, but not all zoos are good zoos and some animals are more sensitive than others.

Zoos are good?

zoos don't just help animals in the wild they also help kids learn about the animals in the zoo

Why zoos are a good thing for animals?

Well, Zoos sometimes save animals like zoos take penguins because of global warming and they keep them safe from harm

Why is it good to keep endangered animals in zoos?

it is very good to keep endangered animals in zoos. they are cared for and not treated badly. they also wouldnt let it die. sometimes they breed the animal so it could keep on going. it is very good for endangered animals to be kept in zoos

What are 5 good main points to support an essay of how zoos are helpful to animals and us?

Zoos are helpful to animals and humans because the animals get good care. Humans are entertained and it allows us to do research on animals.

Why animals should be put in zoos?

A good reason for animals to be in zoos would be to preserve wild endangered species. There are many other reasons why the should, and should not be in zoos though.

Is it good for zoos to breed rare animals?


What are good facts about zoos?

they animals from being extinct

Are zoos good or bad for the preservation of animal species?

zoos are good yeah they are trying to keep the animals safe. so we need to keep the animals safe too.

Why is it good to keep animals in zoos?

Zoos can be beneficial to helping animals. They give the animals a better chance at survival as well as giving near extinct animals a chance to repopulate.

Do zoos in china and India abuse their animals?

As with all places, it depends on the zoo. There are zoos that take good care of their animals, and some that are wicked.

Are zoos good places and why?

no, zoos arent good places for animals because they are not allowed to live in their natural habitat and for human entertainment.

Are zoos rally necessary?

i think zoos are not necessary becouse here animals not provide good food

What have zoos achived?

They have shown the people exotic animals, and that is good.

What are good things about animals living in zoos?

they get free food!

What do zoos do with there dead animals?

Zoos cremate their dead animals.

Does a zoo do more good than harm?

Yes! yes they do! in zoos, they are treated well and have enough room for the animals to move around. Animals live longer in zoos, too. that is because they are given nourishment and care. zoos cure the sick animals, and they save the exinct! if there was an exinct animal, the zoos that still own that animal can breed and make more of its kind! So zoos do more good than harm!

How does zoos provide more good than harm?

animals can not be hunted