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You should not try to cut back on your meals, three even small meals a day and a good exercise program. If you start to cut back on you meals then your body will start to retain fat your body could start to think "I don't know when this crazy woman is going to eat again" there it is storing fat on your hips, thighs , tummy and you haven't got any where. the best thing to do is have small portions at each meal, and a good excercise regimen and with excercise it is quality not quantity. stick with what I'm telling you and you'll be able to take of the weight no problem. But just don't go too overboard all women are beautiful no matter what size or shape they are.

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Q: Around how much weight can you lose in a month by eating one meal a day and doing one hour of Tae Bo every day if you are about 30 lbs overweight?
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Is it easier to lose weight if you are overweight?

not necessarily. you can be skinny and be used to doing exercises and eating healthy, but normally if a over weight person is on a diet they are not used to dieting

What are healthy ways to lose weight for an overweight female?

Please go to the link somestepsforhealthylife.blogspot. thank you

Im 14 5'4 and weight 140 pounds is that healthy?

You are borderline overweight, I doubt it is cause for much concern but seeing as you are only 14 you should only be weighing around 120-130 pounds. In the interest of your health I would recommend you loose a bit of weight by doing exerciseand eating a healthy balanced diet.

If you are eleven and weigh 7.8 stone and your height is 5 foot 2 are you over weight?

no you are definitely not overweight. you are actually doing very well . your weight is average for your height and age.

I am about 5'7 and i weigh 150 is that overweight?

I'm the same height and weight as you, and I asked my doctor the same question once because I felt like I might be a little overweight. She told me that I was doing just fine, and wasn't overweight at all. Just love your body and continue to be healthy =)

Will intermittent fasting cause excess skin if you are overweight?

If you loose a lot of weight doing it in a short amount of time the skin will not have time to contract.

What are some tips for an overweight child?

1. You should encourage healthy eating habits. 2. You should encourage excercise (doing together is the best idea).

How much weight will you lose by fasting for one week?

This all depends on how much you weigh when you begin your fast, if you are overweight you will lose more weight then someone who is very slender, however it is also possible to lose only a pound or two doing this and when you begin eating again, you will gain that back instantly and maybe a few extra pounds.

Can a dancer be fat?

Dancers can be overweight. It does make it more of a challenge to do things such as leaps, but someone's weight should never prevent them from doing something they want to do.

What do elephants spend most of there time doing?

Elephants spend around 15 hours every days just eating since they eat 6% of their body weight every day.

What is the fastest way to lose weight-eating healthy foods or doing exercise?

A combination of both is the fastest way to lose weight. You can't really get the results you want by doing just one or the other.

Can you get fat from not eating breakfast?

This can be hard to justify. Not eating braekfast isn't doing your body any favours. If you are trying to lose weight then not eating breakfast isn't making it happen any quicker.

What are the major causes of obesity?

Eating too much and not enough activity to burn off the calories. and people just sit at home doing nothing just watching tv .The main causes of overweight or obesity include: unhealthy food, lack of regular aerobic exercise and heredity etc. The ideal BMI (body mass index=weight/height^2, note: weight as kilogramme, height as meter) is between 21 and 25, you need to make sure if you are overweight or not, then you need to lose your weight if your BMI>25. Overweight or obesity is not only to affect your appearance but also definitely a serious problem that may lead to heart diseases, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and more, so you should not overlook your weight. Losing or maintaining an ideal weight is not a difficult task if you follow a healthy lifestyle including low GI eating, regular aerobic exercise and suitable supplements.

What causes low metabolism?

Answer: Sitting around and eating doing less exercise then normal

What is the difference between bulimia and obesity?

Bulimia is an eating disorder that entails eating large quantities of food, or at least more than usual, and inducing vomiting, to avert weight gain. Doing this often could have lasting effects on the esophagus. Where as, obesity it having excessive weight, this is a stage beyond overweight, and is equally as unhealthy as being bulimic. The association with obesity and bulimia is that one prevents the other from happening. But both are unhealthy.

Why do you get angry when overweight people eat unhealthy food?

I do too, i thinks its becaue you think that they not doing themselves any good. But people rarely see that they have gained weight.

What should you say to a girl who lost weight?

Well, if she started out overweight, tell her she looks great. If she started out normal and has turned skinny, ask if she's doing OK.

What is the problem if i have difficulty losing weight?

if you are having difficulty losing weight then the problem is either that you are not doing enough exercise or that you are eating too much. if you are trying to lose weight then the foods you need to eat are meat, fruit and veg because if you are doing lots of exercise then you will need energy.

How do humans protect themselves from osteoporosis?

By drinking milk and eating other dairy products, and doing weight-bearing exercises.

How do you lose belly fat at the age of 11?

You can lose weight by eating less junk food, and by exercising and doing cardio.

How can you gain weight without eating more?

To gain weight without adjusting your diet, think about weight lifting and start doing some strength training. Muscle weighs more than fat.

How how weight can you lose by not eating?

By not eating your body will store fat and calories, there fore you aren't doing anything but staying the same weight. Not eating isn't healthy. You just need to drink lots of water, go for a run, and eat healthy. Try eating a fruit of veggie with every meal. It worked for me and i lost 25 pounds in one month.

How do you get bladder control back?

If you are overweight, losing weight will help you regain bladder control. Also, doing Kegall exercises will help strengthen the muscles involved in bladder control.

Can you help me gain weight I Have high metabolism skinny 48 to 50 kg I am a guy lactose intolerant doing weightlifting and eating well?

You should go on eating, what ever you like. You must be knowing that you should not take the milk. That will increase your weight.

What is a gay fish doing when he eats lobster?

Eating Eating Eating