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As a 1 year present to give your girlfriend a promise ring?

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βˆ™ 2008-11-15 23:41:17

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Yes, it is a sweet gesture and she will love it. Tell her its a promise ring. If she thinks you want to marry her and you two are still in school or something or still teenagers, she may freak out a little. And also a promise ring is to be worn on the middle finger on the left hand. So make sure you get the right size!!

2008-11-15 23:41:17
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Q: As a 1 year present to give your girlfriend a promise ring?
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What do you ask your girlfriend when you give them a promise ring?

When you give her a promise ring u should say that i want you yo be there for the rest of my life then u give her that promise ring and say u love her take it from me im only 12

You are a lesbian and you want to get your girlfriend a promise ring she is more of the butch but you want to do this for her so bad what could you do?

of course you should give it to your girlfriend

Is it bad to give my girlfriend a promise ring?

Not bad, but a promise ring isn't much and a little chicken. I don't know your age or how long you have dated, but if you are over 21 and have been with this girl 2 years or more a promise ring is poor form. If you are serious step up to the plate and give her more than a promise.

Should you be worried if your boyfriend gave you a promise ring and said it meant nothing?

i think so, if he thinks that its just a thoughtless present he clearly didn't think about the impact a promise ring would have, unless, its you you assumed it was a promise ring, did he just give it as a presant or call it a promise ring.

What does a girlfriend get a her boyfriend for a promise like a guy would get a girl a promise ring?

A promise ring too. guys wear rings.

What do you say when you give your girlfriend a promise ring?

an engagement ring is a big thing buddy but a promise ring well i don't see what the Jonas brothers have to do with this lol anyways probably say this "i am willing to keep a promise name_______ if i break it then we wont handle our relationship

Where is a good place to present a promise ring?

You can present a promise ring on a romantic place. It could be one of the places you met or had a memorable moment.

What is the best way to give your girlfriend a promise ring please help?

Make sure you do something super romantic !

What is a promise ring that boyfriends and girlfriends get for each other?

A promise ring, also known as a pre-engagement ring, is given to a boyfriend or girlfriend for the purpose to signify a promise to marry their boyfriend/girlfriend. It precedes an actual engagement ring, but shows some commitment in the relationship.

What should I get my girlfriend after 2 months?

get her a promise ring

Is it to ealry to get my girlfriend a promise ring So I have been with my girlfriend for 6 months and im thinking about getting her a promise right?

So you have been with your girlfriend for 6 months and you're thinking about getting her a promise ring but you're not sure if it is too early to do so. Since there is no set period of time where it is deemed right to buy a promise ring for your partner, this will depend on your relationship. If after 6 months your girlfriend seems keen to spend the future with you and you feel the same then by all means, get her a promise ring.

What to promise my girlfriend with a promise ring?

personally i believe that a promise ring is something that you give to your girlfriend when you guys have been in a committed relationship and you guys are ready to take the next step so you promise her that you will remain faithful to her and fully committed. You promise to always love her and to be there for her, rain or shine. you promise that no matter what circumstances come up in life that she is the one that you want to be with and that she is the one that you will cherish. Promising all this in the fact that one day she will become your wife.

Is Ryan higa married?

No, he is not married, but he does have a girlfriend. He wears that ring as a promise ring, to show his commitment to her.

Ways to give promise rings?

what are some different ways to give a guy a promise ring

How long is it before a promise ring is given?

You can give/get a promise ring whenever if you have known the person long enough.

How should you give a promise ring?

You dont

Can you still give them a promise ring if your not together?


Is a promise ring like a wedding ring?

No, it's not even like an engagement ring. It's more like an I want you to be my girlfriend ring.

Do you have any birthday ideas for my girlfriend, as I would like to take her somewhere nice?

You can take her to a fancy china restaurant. As well when you get there give her a special ring telling her that you promise to be with her as long as she has the ring.

What kind of ring do you give your boyfriend since he gave you a promise ring?

An engagement ring! <3

Do you have to give your boyfriend a Promise Ring?

You don't HAVE to do anything. If you and him are truly in love and are committed to each other, then it wouldn't hurt to get him a promise ring.

Can you give a Promise ring as an Engagement ring?

Yes as long as both parties view it as an engagement ring.

What is the best gift for girlfriend on her birthday?

If your serious about her get her a promise ring, shell know you care

What is the UK age to give a girl a promise ring?


What is a way to give your boyfriend a promise ring?

However you want