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It moves through the 12 standard constellations that define the basic neighborhood of the ecliptic. These are the constellations you see listed in your morning paper's horoscope.


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From our perspective, the sun moves through the zodiacal constellations, not Earth. But that takes approximately one year - since their are 12 constellations of the zodiac - one for each month.

The precession of the Equinox. This precession moves the equinox through zodiac constellations. We are now in the Pisces constellation and we will move into the Age of Aquarius in the year 2100, 89 years form now.

Libra is the name of a zodiac constellation. It is part of Greek mythology and astrology. Zodiac constellations all fall along the ecliptic, which is the path that the Sun moves in.

Planets, Moon and Sun. The Zodiac, the 12 signs listed in a horoscope, is closely tied to how the Earth moves through the heavens.

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I would expect it to be basically an ellipse - this is usually the case when one object orbits another one. However, the path will probably get changed regularly, as the Sun passes near other stars.

The Sun does not belong to any constellation. This is because our Earth goes around the Sun. As a result, the Sun moves in the sky relative to the other stars. So, the Sun appears to move through the constellations of the zodiac, which is why you hear that the Sun is in a particular zodiac constellation in a particular month. For example, in September, the Sun is in the constellation of Virgo. In October, it will go to the constellation of Libra, and so on.

The Earth moves on it axis, West to East. As the Earth moves, you see different parts of space so therefor see different constellations. Hope it answered your question!!

The Ecliptic describes our view of the stars in the sky that (approximately) traces out the apparent position of our Sun against distant stars over each year. The area known as the Zodiac is a band about 18 degrees wide centered on the Ecliptic. All constellations are fanciful human interpretations of patterns of stars and galaxies in the night sky. Zodiac constellations are no different than other constellations except that they are patterns in that 18 degree band in the sky. As the Earth moves around the Sun in the plane of the Ecliptic so do the other planets, all at slightly different angles to the plane and with different orbital times so that appear to take the same approximate path as the Sun and our Moon. As the background star patterns change only over millions of years the changing position of the Sun, Moon and planets seem to wander aimlessly about the Zodiac band. The study of these wanderers (Greek planome: I wander) was the forerunner of modern Astronomy and the pseudoscience of Astrology.

Constellations are formed from the fixed stars. Saturn is a planet, not a fixed star - the word planet means wanderer. However, the planets travel through the constellations of the zodiac. Saturn is currently in the constellation Leo the Lion and will be for another year or so, until it moves into Virgo, the Harvest Maiden and will remain there for many years, since 1) Saturn moves so slowly and 2) Virgo is such a large constellation. +++ It should be remembered that the constellations are merely concocted images useful as "sky-marks" resulting from the chance relative positions of stars as seen from Earth. When we say a planet in our Solar System is "in" or "passing through" any particular constellation, it is simply moving across the line of sight. Physically, it is no-where near the constellation's own stars.

You see different constellation because the constellations stay in place, but Earth moves so every season you are able to see different constellations.

The Earth rotates on it's axis showing us a different view of the night sky The constellations apparently move because the earth moves. It not only rotates, giving the impression that the constellations rise and set, but it also moves in its orbit around the sun, thereby giving us different views at different times of year.

Because Earth moves, and it appears that the constellation moves. It just seems that we see it at a certain time of year.

Because the earth is constantly rotating so the sky itself moves

There are two things that cause the constellations to appear to move.The first is the earth's rotation, this causes the zodiac constellations to rise in the east at dusk move across the sky at night and set in the west at dawn just like the Sun moves across the sky during the day. Those constellations that appear near the north or south polar areas of the sky don't rise and set, they simply rotate during the night.The Earth rotates once a year round the Sun and as the zodiac constellations are arranged in a circle round the Sun in the plane of the Earth's orbit, as the Earth orbits the sun different constellations will be visible in the night sky at different parts of the orbit. This too causes the constellations to appear to move, for instance Orion is visible in the night sky during the northern winter but is on the opposite side of the Sun to Earth during the summer (and therefore not visible)The earth does not rotate once a year round the sun, its called orbiting, rotate is spinning and orbit is moving around an object. Earth is a satellite of the sun.

The sun rises in OUR zodiac - which is the only one we know. Do you mean which sign? The answer is "all of them". There are 12 signs of the zodiac because there are 12 months in a year. Every month the sun moves into a new sign. (it's really Earth moving through space around the sun that makes it look like the sun is moving through the zodiac). That's why people who are born under the sign of "Aquarius" were born between January 21st and February 21st - that's the sign the sun was in between those dates.

The signs represent constellations through which the Sun apparently moves during the celestial year. People are classified to a sign based primarily on their birth date, but are said to be connected to other signs of a given type (e.g. water signs, fire signs). The 12 Commonly-known signs (beginning with Spring) are: Aries (the ram) March 21-April 19 Taurus (the bull) April 20-May 20 Gemini (the twins) May 21-June 21 Cancer (the crab) June 22-July 22 Leo (the lion) July 23-August 22 Virgo (the virgin) August 23-September 22 Libra (the scales) September 23-October 22 Scorpio (the scorpion) October 23 - November 21 Sagittarius (the archer) November 22-December 21 Capricorn (the goat) December 22-January 19 Aquarius (the water bearer) January 20-February 18 Pisces (the fish) February 19-March 20 *There are actually 13 signs of the Zodiac. For some reason Astrology does not recognize 'Ophiuchus' which like the other 12 Zodiacal constellations, contains the Sun during the year. The date that Ophiuchus would represent on the calendar would be November 30th - December 18th. There are not 13 signs of the zodiac in Western Astrology as the tropical zodiac is used not the siderial zodiac. The constellations are not used, the zodiac signs were named after the constellations.

Because earth moves around the sun and therefore it is positioned in different places.

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As an observer moves away from the equator, towards the north or south pole, there are more constellations that the rotation of the earth does not ever block from his or her view throughout one full rotation.

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