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As what as a cricket?

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This sounds like a reference to the illustrated children's book by Audrey Wood. The title is I'm As Quick As A Cricket. Here it is on Amazon:

The phrase "quick as a cricket" was almost certainly created for this book. It is not a common expression in English otherwise. All the occurrences of this expression in Google seem to be references to the book. If it were a standard expression in English, it would appear in some ordinary context and not just in reference to children's literature.

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Where was cricket made?

This is a question based on cricket. cricket is a English game. they introduced cricket as a game.

What sounds do grasshoppper's make?

Cricket cricket cricket cricket:]2107 Park Lyf.

What is the homophone of CRICKET?

Cricket as in the sport and cricket as in the animal

5 sentences about cricket in Hindi language?

cricket of cricket

What is the plot in the story of a cricket boy?

cricket boy is cricket

What are the item used for playing cricket?

A cricket bat, cricket stumps and a cricket ball. Hope that helps.

Is a cricket a carnivore?

no a cricket is not

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Cricket ball Cricket ball

What is a cricket annual called?

WISDEN Cricket Annual and whos who in cricket.

What is the motto of TEN Cricket?

The motto of TEN Cricket is 'Life is Cricket'.

Why do people say cricket cricket?

People say cricket cricket because that is the sound crickets make. beside cricket being a sport cricket is also the name of an insect closely related to the grasshopper.

What is included in cricket equipment?

Cricket equipment includes a bail, a cricket ball, a cricket bat and cricket clothing. If a batsmen and bowler want to improve their cricketing techniques, cricket nets would be required too.

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Cricket weights vary. The weight of the cricket depends on the ecosystem, the age of the cricket, the diet consumed, and the type of cricket. There is no average weight of a cricket.

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The shape of a cricket pitch is rectangular. The cricket pitch is located almost in the middle of the cricket ground.

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13 cricket clubs play in the bendigo cricket association.

Cricket information in Hindi?

Cricket is a outdoor game . In cricket there are 11 players . In cricket there are use bat, ball, and etc.

How do you use cricket in a sentence?

That wasn't cricket! The cricket tells the temperature. There was quite a sticky wicket in that last game of cricket.

What is the game 'cricket'?

cricket is an awesome sport with batting bowling and fielding

Which cricket stadium is the pakistan's biggest cricket stadium?

Peshawar Cricket Ground

What is concidered to be the home of cricket in England?

The home of Cricket is Lords cricket ground

Are there any cricket management games?

International Cricket Captain and Cricket Coach

What is cricket in French the sport?

This is spelled "le cricket" as in English.

What has the author Tom Graveney written?

Tom Graveney has written: 'Tom Graveney on cricket' 'Cricket over forty' -- subject(s): Cricket 'On cricket' 'Cricket through the covers'

How do you say cricket in french?