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Is Asian and Indian the same thing?

No. If you are from the country India (which is in Asia) you are Indian, and if you are from the continent Asia, you are an Asian. Indians are Asians, however.

Are Koreans and Asians the same thing?

Asians are people how live in or whose families come from Asia, a very large place. All Koreans are Asians, but not all Asians are Koreans. There are many other Asians.

What Asian things start with V?

Vietnam is a country in Asia. Vientiane is the capital city inLaos. Vitim River is a 1229 mile-long river in Russia.
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Things that make you proud of as Asian?

Purikura pictures :D Our ability to handle chopsticks so well! cute fluffy chibi stuffed animals ;D (this applies for guys too XD) Those n.n and -___- eyes :P
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What Asian countries start with D?

No country in Asia starts with theletter D. Denmark, Dominica, Djibouti and Dominican Republic arethe only countries that start with the letter D. Denmark is inEurope. Djibout