Aside from Remote Viewing and the Philadelphia Experiment in teleportation has the US military tried any other experimentation with paranormal phenomena?


I suspect that anyone that might know the answer to this question is still under obligation to maintain confidentiality.


Ah, time to break the silence I suppose, lol.

There is a dye, a blue dye actually, derived from coal tar and potash, that when pressed between two pieces of glass and gazed through, it is said to reveal the paranormal world.

Apparently, this dye somehow distorts the view so that instead of seeing this plane only, you can see into the next - or the paranormal plain.

Confusing? Yes.

It's called Dicyanin Dye.

Now, why have you not heard of this?

The World governments have banned it in total. You have to have the highest level clearence in the US to deal with it. There is no country in the World that this substance is available or legal in.

The dye was declared too dangerous for public knowledge and locked down. The exact formula for creating this dye was also locked down.

It will never be released.

There was a recent film that claimed that the US Government had experimented with telekinesis/telepathy called "The Men that Stare at Goats" I think. It starred George Clooney and in it they would stare at goat and will them to do things to see if it would be able for people to try and do this to the enemy.